3 Easy Ways to Generate Leads from Instagram in 2020

3 Easy Ways to generate leads from Instagram in 2019

Instagram is one of the fastest growing and most powerful social media platforms that you can use to grow your business with an online presence. With each day that passes, more and more people are joining the platform and new developments are also being made to enhance the experience for both business and/or brands and general users.

Using the social network as a marketing strategy for growing your business and converting potential leads to sales is one of the best options you could choose from to see positive returns. There are billions of active and organic users on the platform daily and this means your target audience is growing on the network each day and using the most effective strategies will increase your reach.

Using the Platform as a Growth Tool

To help your business in converting potential leads to sales, you can use one or all of the proven ways noted below”

1. Use Leads ads on Instagram

Lead ads are a great start as this will help you to reach out to more persons outside of your general target audience. Lead ads being used on Instagram means you are able to reach out to new customers and in the process collect various information (not personal but rather business connected) that you could use to improve the services you offer or the ways you offer the services. They are not the general “ads” you may see floating around but are rather more potential lead focused with the intention of being successful in converting to sales.

2. Build Conversion related Instagram Landing Page

Don’t just build a general landing page on your Instagram account but one that is more focused on potentially converting a lead. Allow your audience to see the services you offer and become interested in wanting to do business with you. Let it be more focused on how your products and services can benefit them and that buying it will benefit them. However, do not “oversell” yourself as viewers and leads can most times identify desperation of genuineness.

3. Use Instagram Stories and Add clickable links

Instagram stories are becoming more and more popular with each passing minute. It helps to attract a more targeted audience as they will become interested in seeing what you have to say or offer. Bear in mind stories disappear after 24 hours so people will be quick to view. Also, ensure with each content you post, you make at least a one or two clickable links to redirect customers to your sales offer.

Hire Social Hackettes Instagram Lead Generation Experts

Social media is powerful and once it is a part of your marketing strategy, you must ensure you are making the right approach to reaping the benefits. Not sure how you can do that? Let the team at Social Hackettes do the job for you. We are a team of experienced and highly-trained social media marketing experts who are capable of taking your new or existing business to new heights in performance.

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