5 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2020

5 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2019

Facebook is by far one of the most popular social media platforms and one of the channels that all individuals and business owners are using to reach and stay connected with their clients and/or customers. It has been proven numerous times by people who have firsthand experience with using the platform as well as researches conducted that using Facebook is effective for all individual and business marketing for growth. As the years pass by, everyone can attest to the fact that Facebook has seen positive growth (even among the few negatives that do exist everywhere). As for 2018, there have been so many strategies that people have implemented to get the most out of their use on the popular social media platform where some have been successful and some may not have gone too far. There have been new methodologies that have been used as well as old tactics that have been edited to meet the advertising and viewer standards of the general audience on the platform.

But as 2019 approaches, what effective methods or tools does anyone need to make the platform more efficient in the way business owners will market themselves and reach their target audience? There are some simple yet powerful tools and strategies seen every day that we here at Social Hackettes will show you that you can use which may have been overlooked. We will detail how you can use them to grow your presence and overall business and/or brand performance.

Tools to market your business on Facebook in 2019

2019 is set to be a year of difference in the way business owners will manage and operate themselves. Most people we have interviewed have noted they will get more creative with way they use the platform to reap more benefits. Here are a few ways that will definitely work for you:

Research and Make Plans

Before you start posting anything on the platform, you must be fully aware of who your audience is. If you are advertising specific content to a select group of individuals who are not intrigued, then in no time, you can be prepared for a loss in followers and interest. The first initiative to be successful on the platform is to research and know who to target for your line of business. We recommend assessing your stronger competitions in the same industry and know the audience that follows them as well as where they are geo-targeting. Analyzing demographics also aids in the process of finding your audience as well as assessing your current customer base to see who is truly passionate about the services you offer. You can do further checks through:

-Running a survey. Surveys are a great way to find out what would most interest your audience based on your brand offerings. You will also learn the age group you most need to target and how to initially format your content to suit their style.

Increase Your Facebook Posting

The more you post on the social platform, the more your audience will be entertained and feel your presence. There are many “man-made” rules that you need to only post 2-3 times per week to increase the interaction. But we here at Social Hackettes are telling you to do more than that to let your audience be aware of your presence. However, we don’t recommend simple posting random content but more content of quality and with value. When your readers and/or followers read your posts, they should learn something new or be refreshed with what you have to offer them. In general terms, your content must bring awareness to something that will impact the readers. Also, the more valuable your content, it will trigger your existing audience to share your content with other people outside your reach.

The frequent posting also aids in assessing which content structure your fans will respond to more. Take for instance, when you post the same structure content, you limit your experimental techniques. Constant posting (yet, not overdoing it), can be seen as a trial period at first to see the results you will achieve from it. This demonstrates your flexibility in maintaining your social media presence while not compromising the quality of the services you offer.

Focus on Engagement

Facebook really is a great factor for your business when much interaction is included and we implore you to let that be an important tool on your list for the New Year. Based on researches that has been conducted, it has been revealed by many business pros that this initiative is effective when done correctly. They have indeed reaped tremendous benefits from increasing their engagement on the social platform. Bear in mind, engagement does not only mean likes and commenting but also sharing on the said platform as well as other popular social networks. For instance, we know you have been on Facebook and saw businesses sharing pics and other content that have been posted on different platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as seen Facebook posts on these other platforms.

With this interaction, you are extending your reach and setting your business for potential growth outside of your other advertising channels. When you post content that interest your viewers, your interaction will definitely grow and overtime double or triple. If you are unable to focus or set dedicated timing to increase your potential account interaction, we here at Social Hackettes will help you get the task done. We will help to strategically market your brand to reach and grow to a larger scale through active interaction.

Go Live on the Platform

Facebook has many features that will help to boost your business in the online world when 2019 set sailing. Among the many marketing tools that you need to implement, one such is the “Live” feature that the platform offers. Going live gives your followers the option to be direct with you and connect with you in “real-time”. They can develop on the spot conversation as well as get a live update on what you are working on as well as what you have to offer. The live feature is also a cost-effective way to advertise via video while getting live feedback on your brand being advertised. It is an interesting and also intriguing way to drive traffic to your online presence as these live videos can also be shared around the platform. Have a teaser product release that you need your audience to connect with directly? Then this is one of the most effective ways for you to do that.

Unlike many other platforms that have a short time limit on live video, Facebook offers up to 4 hours of quality time with added features to enhance. This means you get to have your audience involved in more technical aspects of your business such as product launches, general conferences, and other similar awareness programs.

Use Facebook Messenger

Yes, email is still an effective way to send a personalized message to your target audience but Facebook really offers you an efficient alternative. Seeing most target groups are now using this social platform for many things they usually do elsewhere (advertise, buy online, form connections, etc.), you might as well keep everything in the central location. Do you want each member on your followers’ list to get a personalized message? You can use the Messenger feature on the platform as it also has a separate access point of its own. This means users don’t generally have to access the social platform to check their messages but can do so via a separate app (but still connected to the platform). This way, you can still expand your business reach even when your audience is not active on Facebook. You also don’t need a specific time to send your message as most people access the app even while on the go.

Other benefits of Messenger includes:

-Selling your services through the app. This is really a convenient way to advertise and get sales through a single network and it provides convenience for your clients and/or customers.

-You can make appointments. Businesses are based on appointment at times and having a central location you can do this helps to reduce the troubles of going through another web portal just for making a simple appointment or schedule a meeting.

Social Hackettes is on a mission to help businesses grow their brands and awareness for the New Year in ways they never thought possible. Our team of professional and trained Facebook Marketing Experts will take on the hassle of launching your brand on the social platform, run the general operations for you as well as assist you fully in reaping positive results. We are a team of committed individuals who strive to create a win-win situation for business owners who are seeking to use one of the most popular social platforms to market their business.

Feel these tools will not be as effective because you have probably tried them before? We will show you how! We have years of experience in the business and knows the tactics and methodologies to efficiently do the job right. Take 2019 as the year you will see your business finally growing on this platform and here at Social Hackettes, we will provide guidance and helpful tips to help you see the successes you desire.


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