8 Instagram Growth Hacks of 2021 to Grow your Business

The pandemic year 2020 has passed, and 2021 has already begun; hopefully, this year will bring you more opportunities and offers, and you will awesomely live this year. With the beginning of a New Year or a new start, have you tried to figure out, “What are the popular Instagram Growth Hacks of 2021.” Not yet, then don’t waste more time, and join us, to get more information about Instagram Growth Strategies of 2021.

Last year many things happened that equally impacted the marketing sector and business industries. Still, with the new year slightly, everything is coming into original shape. This whole process might be time taken, but don’t worry and be prepared.

As you know, Instagram has been continuously becoming the sweetheart of social media and the preferable social media marketing platform for professional and personal purposes. Apart from this impressive top-line figure, massive challenges are waiting for you, such as;

  • Increase Engagements
  • Increase Shares, Likes, and Comments
  • Increase views
  • Increase Followers

Top 8 Instagram Growth Hacks of 2021

To defeat such kinds of challenges and grow your Instagram account, you need a strong strategy against the competitive backdrops. Many Proactive marketers and Instagram account holders are seeking organic Instagram growth strategies to build their brand.

That is why we are here for you and bring to you 8 tips to increase your Instagram engagement and encourage your business brand to hit the mark through organic or paid marketing campaigns.

  • Create a Strategy or Plan
  • Use Hash-tags
  • Reply on Comments
  • Optimize Your Profile
  • Target Right Audience and Create engagement
  • Post Quality Content
  • Start IGTV Channel or Reel
  • Collaborate With Influencers

Create a Strategy or Plan before Doing Something

Before doing something on your Insta account, you must have to make a pre-plan or strategy to execute the complete job effectively. You need to sit down and build a comprehensive strategic plan to achieve your Instagram goal.

Here we have mentioned a few essential factors that you should include in your Instagram strategic plan.

  • Decide your goal
  • Create a content creation strategy
  • Create Photos, videos, Stories post strategy
  • Create getting likes, comments, shares, and followers strategy
  • Create landing pages, Url and relevant inks Strategy
  • Select growth tools

Use Hashtags

As with the last year, hashtags remain the most compelling element of Instagram growth hacks. If you would use a purposeful hashtag strategy, then it will appear as a strong discovery tool to get an audience.

There are mainly 3 types of hashtags through which you can quickly identify your targeted audience.  

  • Community
  • Branded
  • Campaign

 Make sure that you use 2-3 hashtags in an Instagram post, also you use hashtags in comments. It would be beneficial for you if you save hashtags and analyze them from time to time on a preview and later basis. 

Reply on Comments   

If you already have lots of followers on your Insta account, it may be quite difficult for you to reply to each comment of followers on every post. You have to do this; trust me, it is one of the best result-oriented strategies that help you achieve your goal. If you would reply to your follower comment containing valuable advice, it will help you create an authentic connection with the users.

A valuable and advisable reply to consumers helps to bound or stay them connected for long. If they last longer on your platform, you will achieve and increase advertising revenue through your platform.

Optimize Your Profile

For organic growth of your Instagram account, optimizing your Instagram accounts is one of the crucial steps. If you don’t optimize your Insta profile accurately, you will fail to create your business’s special presence on this social platform.

Here we have motioned a few important implementation tips that you must follow in terms of optimizing your Instagram profile.

  • Make sure that your Instagram account is a tie with your brand name and services.
  • Always add your business website or brand URL in the URL section or bio.
  • Try to keep your profile description short; it couldn’t be longer than 150 characters.
  • If your profile is a business profile, then use your business or company logo as a profile picture and keep its dimensions 180 * 180 pixels. If it’s your personal brand profile, you need to use a high definition and attractive picture as a profile image.
  • To boost your business profile, add a subtle watermark to your logo.

 Target Right Audience and Create Engagement

For generating revenue through social media platforms, identifying the right audience is very important. By targeting the right audience, you can easily move one step forward to create engagement with the users; once you engage with them, you can easily turn them into your followers.

For example, if you are connected to a retail business, you can create better engagement with your existing followers by certainly rewarding them. In terms of seeking targeted followers, engagement, and follow back, you can offer them promo codes or discounts.  

You can keep your followers or audience engaged; you can post your retail business stuff such as; shoes, makeup products, and clothes by offering promo codes and coupons.

Post Quality Content

Posting quality content is also included in Instagram growth hacks for more engagement, but sometimes many users don’t understand the quality content meaning in the Instagram platform’s relevance. 

Many things include Instagram content, which is much more than posting pictures. In your Instagram, quality content includes;

  • Photos
  • Branded Videos
  • Text content
  • GIF
  • Short Video
  • IGTV videos

You need to post all types of content with quality and remember that it shouldn’t be copied. To extend the reach of your identity and content, you can also embed your Instagram videos on your business website or blog. You can also share your content on your other social media profiles.

Keep in mind that content is the main thing that is highly prominent to grab more followers on your profile, so you must put extra effort into creating content. If the audience loves your content, your Instagram accounts grow automatically.  

Start IGTV Channel or Reel

You might be already aware of that fact, Instagram priorities video content. Like Tiktok, Instagram recently launched a new feature “Reels”. Reels allow users to create creative video content like TikTok. It is liked by the user more and more since it comes. Reels allow you to create short 15-30 sec video content.

On the other hand, the IGTV channel allows you to create a 1-hour long video. IGTV channel favored heavily on the discovery page also the IGTV videos remain on your channel for as long as you want. To follow your IGTV channel, the viewers will follow you to get all the business updates.

Thus, both IGTV and Reel are both relevant in terms of Videos, but both differ in time duration. Keep in mind that both are equally important. So, always keep updating your account by posting IGTV and Reels videos, and try to deliver the audience something new from time to time to keep engaging with you for a long time.

Work with Influencers

Working with Influencers is a profitable Instagram growth hacks technique if you just started working through the Instagram platform. At the startup or initial stage of your business, you can approach micro-influencers (up to 50,000 Followers), you can easily collaborate with them in product-for-post collaboration. Also, the micro-influencers are more devoted to their fans, and they want to represent themselves as a good influencer through their sponsored posts. 

How to Find Micro-Influencers in your Niche

  • Look at Your Tagged Posts

First, you need to go through all posts you are tagged in and checked that any influencer has already posted about your brand. If yes, then approach them for collaboration.

  • Approach Recommended Accounts

You can approach those influences who are already in your mind and align well with your brand. 

  • Search through Hash-tags

You can search for popular hashtags of your niche, and you will get popular accounts or brand pages in your search result. You can approach out of these, which you found good to work with. 

Maximizing your Instagram Profile can require lots of things to do, but if you follow the all above listed Instagram maximizing hacks of 2021, you will see a big payoff in 2021. Also, you will see a massive increment in brand awareness, sales, and website traffic. 

As you know, handling a particular Insta account with several followers is such a time-consuming and effortful task that requires full dedication. You also need to perform lots of activities, which could be quite tricky for you. 

At that instant, you can approach getting the best Instagram growth service. We are “Social Hackettes” one of the best companies to grow your Instagram and capable of providing the best organic growth Instagram service.

Bonus Tips: 

There are a few additional bonus tips to ensure your Instagram’s marketing success.

  • Switch to Professional Profile
  • Instagram Stories Highlights
  • Create a Cohesive Brand Image
  • Educate Your Followers
  • Add Location Tags in Posts and Stories
  • Use Swipe-up in your Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • Polls
  • Ask Questions and Organize Quiz Contest
  • Use Stickers and Gifs in Stories
  • Chat with your Followers

 Have you tried the above-listed Instagram growth hacks or tactics to grow your account? If yes, then let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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