Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Personal Brand Building

Benefits of using LinkedIn personal brand building

Not many people are aware that once you have an online presence, you have a personal brand. For sure, you may be wondering how having a brand relates to you when you only traverse the path of the online social world.

Whether you are a freelancer who is basically marketing your skills, an entrepreneur who is launching your business or even a newbie trying to make ways before stepping out, you do have a brand and image of your own.

As you make your way across the online portal, you are practically developing your visibility and at the same time, building an audience for yourself. There are really many different social media platforms that you can use to build your personal brand and, in this article, we will focus on LinkedIn. We will outline how you can use this platform to build your brand as well as the various benefits you can gain from using it. 

How LinkedIn can build your personal brand

If you take a look across this platform, you will realize a lot of individuals, as well as businesses, using it for various reasons. LinkedIn for many, is seen as a professional portal that provides a digitized version of who you are and what you can do.

In simple terms, it is your virtual CV and is accessible to the wider public and not just who you are targeting to view it. LinkedIn could be seen as a central hub for employers and employees seeking to launch themselves in a professional way as well as expand on their business.

Businesses and companies alike use it for recruiting employees as well as issue important information for prospective employees and tell what they are up to. While many individuals use it as a medium to showcase their talents in their select career and also market themselves to potential employers.

LinkedIn provides you with a platform that is tailored to make you fit in easily even if you are a novice at what you do. They have editable features to help you along the way to boost your brand which is basically you.

Why build your brand through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that showcases lots of professionals from all existing industries and you can be guaranteed success if you take the right approach.

Here at Social Hackettes, we have worked with numerous individuals on the platform and with the many years of experience, we can assure you of positive benefits using this platform.

But whether you are a newly launched brand or an existing brand that has not used LinkedIn, you can reap rewards such as:

A community of like-minded professionals

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is considered one of the most professionally-based social platform on the internet. It showcases profiles of some of the biggest names you have heard in the business world. With this, what better way to launch yourself and getting tips and guidance from industry experts? Being that you are seeking ways to build and maintain a solid online presence, the community of like-minded professionals seeking to achieve greater levels of success, are those whom you will be influenced by.

You get to experience firsthand how they operate and how best you can imitate their growth strategies and abilities. Also, as LinkedIn “followers” are known as connections, you get the opportunity of being connected to mentors who are always willing to help a younger business grow.

With the assistance and knowledge, you gain from these experts, you can be sure your brand is on a journey of never-ending growth once you put into practice efficiently what you have been taught.

You meet and connect with potential Clients

LinkedIn is a serious platform and with each connection you get, you can be guaranteed of a potential client who may be interested in the services you have to offer.

As you learn from industry experts and grow your brand, as you position yourself to offer services to potential clients, they will note your efficiency and quality in the way you operate.

They can easily connect with the fact that you are knowledgeable of what you are doing and the goals you desire to achieve. Through LinkedIn, your brand speaks who you are and once persons become interested in “you”, they eventually become interested in your brand.

Effective Marketing

LinkedIn has powerful tools that will enable you to get profitable and substantial marketing strategies to grow your brand. Bear in mind what the platform is all about and basically who are members of the community.

No matter the business you are venturing in, the platform has strategic tools to effectively aid you in building even from scratch. The platform brings in quality leads to your online presence and the response you receive can be seen as potential lifelong relationships. Your brand reaches the eyes of both small and large businesses and the feedback you receive, always include tips that you can use to enhance your future offerings.

Also, the quality of the content you share across the platform, has the potential to be seen by all your connections (which is a mix of different professionals) and also by those whom your connections share it with.

You are always being advertised

The social platform can be seen as an online 24/7 advertising channel and with this effect, your online presence will never fade. What you present on the platform will definitely be of the highest quality that you can offer because you need to stay current and fit in.

Based on your brand’s industry, when searched in locations like Google or other search options, once you are positioned efficiently, your LinkedIn profile will become visible among the searches. You now have the opportunity to ensure what you post will be exactly what your target audience is looking for and something that will leave a positive impact on them.

Your LinkedIn profile should basically cover everything you need people to know about you so whenever they open your link, they will see exactly what they are searching for. NB: the more detailed you are with quality content in your profile, the better your brand will be accepted by your potential client.

Also, you need to see the platform as your agent that does the work for you because bear in mind you will not always be online when everyone is, due to different time zones around the world. Once you align your profile with the right keywords, you will appear higher in each search option.

LinkedIn helps you to customize your profile with the right search tools that will present your brand whenever similar industry searches are made whether on the platform or elsewhere.

It does the job for you

As your brand grows, you will eventually consider partnering with like-minded industry professionals to grow a much larger business. When you make your presence known on the platform, you get to attract the right partners, as well as you, appear in searches for other business owners who are also seeking partners as well. It efficiently helps you to scope the best choices as the platform naturally becomes your:

Portfolio. It tells your story visually to those whom you connect to. It positions all that your brand speaks and what it has to offer. Everything you have done successfully, all that you are doing and what you basically have in the pipeline can be stored on your account. You have the ability to store content, photos, videos as well as incorporate them into your profile building. It boosts and improves the way you showcase your brand on other advertising medium across the internet.

Sales Person. Running a business needs capital and the platform sells you to potential investors seeking a brand to support. The right connections are always found on LinkedIn and once you are “sold” effectively, your leads will resort to an eventual sale. Whoever you get connected to, will see the value and potential in your brand and be intrigued to come on board.

Career Coach and Builder. LinkedIn is a tool you must have when you consider building your career and improving your brand. Everything you accomplish as you progress builds your story on the platform and is also a stepping stone to telling the world you have become a stronger business owner and/or entrepreneur. They also provide features that allow you to share your success on your websites and blogs so your audience outside of the platform can share in your brand’s success.

Building a personal brand online is basically the best option for the future as researchers have shown that more and more persons are resorting to doing all business online. What can be done from the comfort of their homes will not have them going to a physical location to do.

If you need any form of assistance in starting or using the LinkedIn platform to grow your brand, you can reach out to the experienced social marketing experts here at Social Hackettes. We will provide you a step-by-step guide to doing it right the first time as well as provide continued guidance and support to you and your brand.

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