How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads for Small Business

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads for Small Business

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform. It is generally considered as the father of online social life and is used on a daily basis worldwide. Facebook is used by numerous persons and businesses for different reasons. Whether it is to catch up with old friends, form new friendships or to expand your brand and business through sales. With the many features offered by Facebook, one of the most commonly used is ads. These are basically advertising bars which appear at different pages you visit.

Many small businesses who desire to increase their productivity and profit need to include Facebook ads in their marketing strategy. This helps as it gives them a global reach to their target audience and other potential clients and/or customers. Especially for local business, this is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. This feature enables them to virtually conduct business with you.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Many people will think Facebook is just a platform for social activities. However, it is more than that. It is great for all business as its marketing and advertising channels are effective. Advertising here gives you exposure and a farther reach to your target audience. It offers both free and paid advertising as you can have your details shared across the platform. Take note, there are billions of active daily users who have the potential to see your ads. Also, the many features that the platform provides allow you to market yourself and your brand in a strong way.

Make sure your target audience is on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is powerful and effective but only if your target audience is a part of the platform. It would be useless to have details spread across the platform but not having the right connections to linking your potential clients. Bear in mind, not all persons use Facebook but preferably other social networks. This can be an issue if you are not aware of where your audience is more populated. But how can you know if you are in the right place? Here are a few tips to determine if this is the right channel…

  • Do a self-assessment – Doing an audience-check assessment is the best way to determine if your clients are there. With each content that you post, check the feedback that it receives. If the response if above par, then it might be possible they are there. However, if not much interaction, you may need to reconsider. Also, you can do a cross-platform assessment. This is where you post similar or the same content on various platforms to see which receives a better response.
  • Assess your competitor’s account – You can also determine if your target audience is on the platform by assessing your competitor’s page. This will allow you to see their posts or ads performances based on the interaction they receive. Based on the results, it will help to determine how you go forward with your advertising.

Understand your Audiences

Before you post your ad on the platform, however, you need to ensure you know your target audience. It is important you know and understand your business and is able to know who your potential sales audiences are. It is basically useless to posts all these ads and not know who you are reaching out to. You have to know what entices your audience, what they look for in an advertisement and what brings about a sales conversion.

Define your Marketing Goals

What you are hoping to achieve from the social media marketing campaigns should be one of your main focus points. You need to understand where you want your advertisements to connect to and why. First, analyze what tools you will be inputting and the extent of what the results will play out on your brand.

Create a Custom Audience

If your target audience is met and you desire to have a wider reach, you can also create ads to reach out to custom audiences. These are more like convincing ads which will help to build your business and expand as you are seeking. The effectiveness of the ads will work with a general audience once it is done as per certain requirements.

Use Facebook Pixel to measure, optimize, and retarget

Basically, Facebook Pixel is a code used in a website to track Facebook ads, build target audience, and remarket to the same people who has already liked, viewed, visited, or searched your ads.

When you create the ad on the platform, it is important to ensure the optimization, measurement, and targeting is correct. This will attract more persons as well as appear more appealing. Bear in mind, once an ad is attractive, it will provide a better interaction turnover.

Use Different Ad Types and stick with the one which is working for you.

There are different means through which you can create and post your ads on the social platform. Depending on your business or brand type, you will be able to determine which option works best for you. Not sure which would? Doing some research or a test run will help to determine this. The Facebook ad types include:

  • Stories – These are customizable ads which allow you to broadcast live what your brand is or what you desire for your target audience to know.
  • Video – This allows you to tell your story with words, sound, and motion. It allows your audience to visually connect with you.
  • Photo – This is a still graphics format of sending your message to your audience. It can be done in a singular format or through collages.
  • Messenger – These ads help you to connect with your audience in the form of triggered conversations. It helps to reach out and convert viewing audiences.
  • Carousel – This type of ad allows you to create visual content in a connected form. You are able to display multiple videos and photos in a single ad.
  • Slideshow – You are able to create a graphical motion of your content. You can connect with your audience in style and in an attractive format.
  • Collection – This type of ad allows you to do business right through the platform. Your audience is able to connect, browse and even purchase your products and services right on the platform.
  • Playable – This ad type provides an interactive option for users to connect with you before they download your app.


If you ask us, Facebook is an effective way to reach, connect with, or grow your Facebook target audience, clients and customers. You are able to create your content in a format that allows them to interact with your brand as well as to conduct transactions with you both on and off the platform.

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