How to increase social media engagement

In the present age of digitization, increase social media engagement platforms are considered essential in facilitating the sharing of information, ideas, and thoughts via virtual networks and establishing communities.  With time, access to social media websites has increased drastically which has completely revolutionized the concept of marketing particular products, brands, services, and businesses.

Social media marketing enables organizations to reach out to their target audience, promote their brand image and offers, and engage with existing customers. Achieving user engagement is a strategic tool that is very critical in social media marketing. Engagement is mainly measured by a range of metrics such as likes, comments and shares/ retweets, audience growth, tags, and hashtags (commonly referred to as key words). Audience growth can be attained by increasing the number of followers but ultimately the main goal is to engage the audience to taste success.

Engagement and activity are very important for social platforms to create a positive customer experience and establish a healthy relationship with new and potential customers.

There are several trading hacks to boost up the engagement.

Analyze Market

To start with, analyze your target market. It’s difficult to quantify your growth if you are unclear about where to start from. Apply some data analyzing techniques and scribble down your followers, study the trends of shares/ reposts and comments on each post. Please ensure that you are regularly keeping a track of the trends so that you observe dips or rises in engagement that can provide significant pieces of information about whether the strategies are proving effective or not. Tools for social media analysis and increase social media engagement can help get started.

Strategize Accordingly

increase social media engagement

Each organization’s business objectives vary according to its business nature therefore, each organization’s social media methodologies are different.

For instance, McDonald’s and Apple are going to have very different motivations for their engagement, and that will drive the content they upload on their respective web pages. McDonald’s is trying to create a young, colorful, and ‘I’m Lovin It’ brand voice, whereas Apple aims to market about its latest iPhone model and their posts are both engaging in their own ways.

Your social media posts should be compelling enough to change the public perception of your brand along with developing a new customer lead. The audience should be educated with advice, resources, and references.

Know Your Target

increase social media engagement

It’s difficult to get individuals connected if you don’t really know who you are conversing with. Having a clear understanding of who your customer is; helps you determine what increase social media engagement platforms should be used to show your digital presence when to publish the content, and what type of content should be uploaded, etc.

Create Valuable Content

Once you are aware of your followers why you want to reach them. Content that addresses the pain points and needs of the customer is critical. If you are describing how great your brand is, it will be difficult to draw attention.

In terms of format, it’s helpful to understand which kind of content is best for each platform. For example, artful images should be used for Instagram, videos and long captions for Facebook, and so on.

Get creative with these post ideas:

  • Polls
  • Fun Facts
  • Asking the Audience / Quiz
  • Statistics
  • Animated gifs
  • Spotlighting customers
  • Customized filters for Instagram Stories

Respond Timely

You can pre-compose responses to answer common queries. When an FAQ comes your way, you’ll be at the ready with a thoughtful, informative response.

Plus, by writing your answer scripts beforehand, you’ve got all the time in the world to make sure the tone is as humble, warm, and helpful as you want.

Plan Smartly

Posting frequently (thrice a week) is important to keep your content up-to-date and active in the social streams. Posting at the right time each day is essential too.

All in all, the best way to figure out what content is working is to observe and learn by practicing the ‘trying and error method’. Experiment, observe the outcome, improvise and repeat.

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