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Instagram Engagement + Growth

Instagram Growth Specialist

Our top priority is implementing the correct social media strategy for your Instagram to help you accomplish your goals. A full-time professional social media manager will be working on your instagram channel. This individual will be working closely with you and your team.

Would you like to have more real, genuine and highly-targeted followers on Instagram? Wohoo, you've come to the right place!

This plan has been specifically designed for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to get more organic followers, with minimal effort on your part.

Sit back, relax and focus on creating high-quality content while your dedicated Instagram account manager takes care of growing your account.

About this plan

500-1000 Real Targeted Followers

600-1000 Power Likes from influencers

10-20 customized comments from influencers

1000-2000 views per video

Fan Interaction And Engagement

24_7 Email Support

"I went from 868 followers to 1780 in 30 days! I'm very thankful to have her on my side to bring me in front of the right people. Kim is so passionate about what she does."
"The spike in following and engagement is amazing. I am beginning to see inquires from people wanting to purchase my art. Thank you I am grateful for your services"

Can anyone join the Engagement Pod?

We are very restrict to the accounts that can join the Engagement Pod to ensure the quality of the service. Below are our requirements:
– Accounts should be active and posting regularly (2-3 times per week)
– Accounts should have a good level of engagement on last 5 posts: at least 100 likes and 5 comments per post.
– Accounts are required to have a minimum of 10 posts.
– Accounts must be at least 1 week old.
– Accounts must have minimun 1000 followers
If you are unsure whether or not you meet these requirements, shoot us an email

What is a Engagement Pod?

An Engagement Pod is a community where everyone helps each other. Once you join our “pod” everyone will like and comment on your posts and you will like and comment on other people’s posts in the “pod”. Everybody helps each other go viral this way, but don’t worry you won’t have to do anything, we will do it for you!

How does it work?

Once your account is setup, our system will automatically interact with new fans on your behalf. This leads to thousands of new fans following, liking, & engaging with your profile. Genuine and customized engagement results in massive amounts of exposure which can be verified at anytime!

Are my followers guaranteed?

Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to social media: If a service promises “guaranteed” followers, they’re delivering you FAKE results. Don’t fall for it. There is absolutely no way to guarantee followers when it comes to organic growth. Social Hackettes believes in real results, and therefore, we will never guarantee followers. Follower estimations are based off the highest activity speed that we can possible perform.

What's your cancellation process?

You are entirely responsible for canceling your account. We do not accept cancellations via email. To cancel your account, please do the following.
If you paid via PAYPAL, you must cancel through them.

1. Login to your PayPal account.
2. Go to Profile > More Options.
3. Go to My Money.
4. Find My Pre-approved Payments and click on Update.
5. Find the Social Hackettes recurring payment.
6. Click Details and cancel the recurring payment.

Social Hackettes is an automatic renewal until cancelled.

Can I sign up for Social Hackettes if I haven't officially started my brand or business?

Social Hackettes is designed to support you wherever you are in your social media journey from start to finish. We actually encourage you to start increasing your awareness before you launch your business!

What is organic follower growth?

Followers who are considered organic find your page on the explore page, on a mutual friends’ page, or because you engaged with their page in some shape or form.

Why do you need my login information?

Your login info is required to establish connection with Instagram and access the Instagram API, but we never actually log into your account. In order for us to connect your account to our targeting system, Instagram requires that we provide your username and password. Without this information, Instagram will not allow our system to target new fans on your behalf.

Please note that through our service we will be using your account to interact with your target audience for you. This means that we will require your login information to proceed. Your information will always be kept private in our secure server, as your account’s security is our top priority.

How does the targeting work?

We target by hashtag, gender, location and competitor accounts that have similar followers that you’d like to have.

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Will Order Again!

I've gained over 2000 followers in 30 days which is great, will definitely order again. One suggestion for anyone ordering,...

Albert Asiama, Realtor


Albert Asiama, Realtor

I’ve gained over 2000 followers in 30 days which is great, will definitely order again. One suggestion for anyone ordering, 

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