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Our top priority is implementing the correct social media strategy for your Instagram to help you accomplish your goals. A full-time professional social media manager will be working on your Instagram channel. This individual will be working closely with you and your team.

Are you missing out on the opportunity of growing your brand on Instagram? Is your account not getting as many likes as it used to? Is your post engagement too low? Victim of the follow un-follow trend on Instagram? Do not worry; we are going to help you with all your Instagram needs.

Sit back, relax, and focus on creating high-quality content while your dedicated Instagram account manager takes care of growing your account.

About this plan

50-60 Story Posts Per Month

Content Creation w/ Polls, Questions, Gifs, and more

Interactive Polls and Industry Trivia included

Hashtag Research

24/7 Management

"I've gained over 750 followers in 30 days which is great, will definitely order again. One suggestion for anyone ordering, make sure you provide a lot of hashtags and similar accounts to make this a success."
"The spike in following and engagement is amazing. I am beginning to see inquires from people wanting to purchase my art. Thank you I am grateful for your services"

About Instagram Story Management

Instagram stories management

Social media is basically a part of the lives of almost every individual. Whether they are a member of one or possibly all platforms, they engage for many different reasons. The trend in users joining and accessing the many features of these platforms has led the directors and/or technical team to develop new strategies at every interval to keep users attracted. One of the many features that social site Instagram is known for is its stories. This is a feature on the social platform that enables users to showcase a photo or video (of themselves or otherwise) for 24 hours. Also, the stories feature does not crowd your feed with its content as it only lasts for a 24-hour period. Once you are on the platform, those whom you follow, once they share a story, you will notice it at the extreme top of your feed (extreme top of the screen).

Why use Instagram Stories?

Using this feature of the social platform is great because it allows you to showcase something new and unique to your followers daily. Instead of them having to view the “same old” content on your account, the stories help to enhance your overall followers/fans base by bringing excitement and leave them wanting to see more of your ‘new side.” The Instagram Stories feature is also a fun aspect for all accounts whether it is personal or your business account. There are too many effects that you could incorporate to enhance the overall view of the story and the engagement it will initially receive.

Benefits of Using Instagram Stories

We are a team of Instagram specialist who has taken this feature of the platform into something greater than you imagined. As a business owner, have you ever considered using the story feature as a strategic way to enhance your business reach and performance? Have you ever thought about how your brand could benefit from this feature without having to put so much thought into advertising elsewhere? Well, we have the “know-how” and have formulated a few ways we can help you utilize this feature to your benefit.

  • Over 200 Million Users

Instagram by far has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in this day and age. Research and statistical data have shown that well over 200 million unique visitors visit the platform daily (yes, even more than once per person). This has shown to be more than what other popular platform experiences – Snapchat. With these many people visiting the platform daily, it will become our main focus to reach and keep as many of these persons attracted and eventually becoming long-term followers. Even if you are a new business venture, this is still a tremendous amount of possible viewership for your brand and your stories.

  • Instagram Stories can be viewed by non-followers

When you allow us to manage and strategically operate your Instagram account and stories, you have the potential to be discovered and viewed by even non-followers. But how? With the many tools and features of this social platform, they offer sections that allow persons to view random posted stories based on the niche they want to see. For instance, operating a hair beauty business will have you falling under that niche and the millions of persons viewing this niche will possibly see your story and be intrigued to watch. Bear in mind that your stories last for 24 hours, therefore, there is a high percentage of having even non-followers viewing in that time period. This will also set you up in getting new followers and eventually new customers and/or clients. The discovering feature has helped thousands of businesses and brands get new viewership and followers based on researches and statistical analyses were conducted.

How Instagram Stories Enhance Your Business

With the many benefits that come with using the platform, you can be sure of a positive result for you and your brand at the end of the day. As an Instagram Management Team, we have put together an interesting and result-driven strategy that we will implement in using the popular feature to benefit you. As your management team, we will:

Showcase your brand in a positive way

Many people are of the perception that certain industry does not have anything fun about it. Based on the types of services known to be offered as well as what many authentic pieces of research have shown, they have developed that conclusion. However, our team of professionals knows how to take whatever brand you have and make something interesting and creative for your followers as well as non-followers to watch. We have done our research to know what interest viewers and have developed ways around making your stories just as or more interesting.

We know the importance of adding value to your viewed content and the reaction it receives, thus, we take your brand and services to create something unique and of value. Our years of experience have shown the tremendous success that our businesses have received while under our management. The culture that speaks for you is one of our strategies in reaching and keeping genuine followers that we use. This further helps to authenticate and encourage them is doing business with you.

We grow your community

Seeing your stories are only available for 24 hours and with over 200 million unique viewers each day, you can rest assured your content will attract growth to your account. We ensure that what we showcase is a genuine quality that allows your immediate followers to engage others in also viewing to become potential followers. Bear in mind stories are the “headline” of everyone’s Instagram account so the moment they log in, they will want to see what new and interesting details persons have added that they have not seen before. We will ensure also, that the feature of having your story become “discoverable” by non-followers is greatly accessed. This will be done by using quality content aligned with relevant and popular hashtags that people tend to always search for. This hashtag feature is also great with stories as to when your brand has its own yet relevant tag, people will be interested to learn more about you.

We promote your new ideas and concepts exclusively

Our team through Instagram Stories Management will give your followers, as well as potential followers a, peek into something great that you will be offering. We will somewhat use the story feature as a teaser for what your customers and/or clients may have been asking for and in the process, encourage them to share the idea(s) too with their friends and family. When you are offering something new and your followers get a glimpse or taste of what it is, they will feel valued by your business for including them in your every developmental step and phase.

We will personalize your story

Yes, we know no one wants to see the same story from everyone especially if they are operating in the same industry. There needs to be something different that sets your brand apart and have users talking about you. We take into consideration (from the research we will conduct with your followers), what they like most and incorporate the way we create and publish your story. We will allow them to feel connected to what you are offering while having a clear sense of the services you are putting forward. Also, in personalizing your story, it would be great for your followers to see the “face behind the scenes” of your business. Let them know you too are a part of them so having a few of your team members popping up in your stories will get your followers feeling more relaxed than they really know who you are.

Brand Awareness

Our Instagram Story Management Team publishes your brand through this social feature and in the process brings full awareness to your brand and what it offers. We allow the relevance of your brand to be in the minds of your followers and other users in general. The more engaged and connected they feel to your story, the more they will be inclined to always want to see what next you have to offer.

We post whatever makes your brand relevant in today’s society and also what will make your followers keep interested in following you. We will take care of all the operations of your account and stories with efficient posting at times we know best works for viewers. Our tools to efficiently analyze where your target audience is from, what time they best visit the platform, and what strikes their interest most is what we use to effectively manage and run your account. The 24-hour period given for story runs will benefit you greater than many other advertising strategies will. It is effective and it also reaps desires results. We are at your fingertips to provide you with unmatched Instagram Management Services at a cost most efficient got you. We take the hassle out of running your account and give you the time to focus on improving your service offerings.

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