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Linkedin Growth

$99.99 / month with a 3-day free trial

  • 1 Linkedin Profile Campaign (No Company Pages)
  • 500-1000 Real Targeted Followers
  • Targeted Endorsements
  • Up to 1,500 invitation sends
  • Up to 1,500 Sales Messages
  • Unlimited Auto-Replies to New Connections
  • 24_7 Email Support

Experience a huge increase in profile visits, connections and inquires by using our “Linkedin Growth” Package.

Once your account is setup, our system will automatically interact with new connections on your behalf. Automated, personalized connection invites & messages will go out to your chosen 2nd & 3rd degree users.

Genuine and customized engagement results in massive amounts of exposure which can be verified at anytime!

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LinkedIn Company Pages are Passive, Personal Profiles are Active:

The most crippling aspect of LinkedIn Company Pages is the fact that you aren’t able to proactively connect with targeted prospects, have one to one conversations, and develop relationships.

You are 100% dependent on the interactions that come to you organically (which are minimal) and with paid sponsored updates. Many businesses are successful with using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, but they can get expensive, and they aren’t enough to justify Company Pages becoming the cornerstone of your LinkedIn strategy unless you have a huge advertising budget.

The magic has always been with personal profiles and the relationships you develop there – and that’s likely not going to change for a long time (if at all).


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