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Every great artist needs a great team behind them. Social Hackettes helps you stay current and competitive by helping you get your music on all of the major streaming platforms. Social Hackettes helps you transfer playlists, albums, artists and songs across various services – Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, SoundCloud and others!

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Why Get Your Music on Spotify?

Spotify gives musicians the absolute widest possible coverage. From big stars to indie favorites in your own hometown, musicians all over the globe place their tracks on Spotify, and for good reason.

This music streaming service serves over 140 million listeners each and every month. Therefore, with every song played, somebody makes money.  Why not you? With more people signing up to listen and subscribe everyday, it’s never been easier to get your music on Spotify — and for a profit.

Why Get Your Music on Apple Music?

Apple Music led the digital sound revolution early in the 21st century.  Upon immediate release, the iPod changed the way people consume music entirely.  Although the Mp3 format was already in motion, it took this company to truly dominate the market.  These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without thousands of songs at your fingertip access.

Music listeners around the world immediately identify Apple Music as a “go-to” platform for discovering new artists as well as enjoying their favorite tracks.  And why not?  There’s an iPhone is the hands of virtually half the population.

Today, Apple Music has roughly 65 million subscribers, a number expected to grow rapidly in coming months and years. Those subscribers will have access to your music. Every one of them is a potential fan.  Get on board with Social Hackettes, and be included in the service that changed the game as we know it.

Why Get Your Music on Tidal?

Tidal Music Streaming started when Jay-Z felt music fans deserved better quality music for their money. Offering the world’s first better-than-MP3-quality streaming service, Tidal Music brings the studio experience to earbuds and stereos everywhere.

He also decided that the artists making the music deserved higher royalties, too. Fellow rap artist Nipsy Hussle layed out some of his royalty earnings in a 2018 Tweet. They clearly showed Hussle making more money from Tidal Music Streaming than from any other service.

One of the toughest issues for today’s musician is knowing where song sales go. Jay-Z told music industry students at New York University, “We’re saying that we’re in a position to bring light to this issue. We’re using our power that way.” Get your songs on Tidal Music, and this artist-based streaming service can start to work for you, too.

Why Get Your Music on Pandora Internet Radio?

Pandora Internet Radio was there before Spotify, YouTube, and even iTunes. Built on the Music Genome Project in 1999, its creators “capture the essence of music at the most fundamental level” using over 450 attributes to describe songs. Then they run these through a complex mathematical algorithm to organize them.

Today, people point to other services which can play music we’ll probably like, such as Spotify or YouTube Music. But those services match songs to us. Pandora Internet Radio matches songs to other songs. This makes it far more precise when we want to hear a specific tone, sound or style. Every Pandora submission is a song meant for a specific set of ears at just the right time.

In fact, Pandora’s so confident they know their listeners, they openly brag that their data is four times more accurate than their competitors.  That means that when Pandora Internet Radio plays your music, your audience is four times more likely to enjoy what they hear.  But how large is that audience, really?

Why Get Your Music on Google Play?

Google Play brings much more to the table than just 35 million-plus songs. Listeners who want the best value for their money go to Google Play.  That’s because Google Play isn’t just Google Play. Every Google Play subscription also includes subscriptions to YouTube Premium and, starting in 2019, YouTube Music, too. That means you get access to 35+ million tracks and never have to sit through a YouTube commercial again. That’s a lot of music and videos for a single subscription.

Google Play also lets listeners upload 50,000 songs from their own music library to the cloud, so those tracks can be heard anywhere, anytime for free. Users can then take these tracks and curate and share their own playlists. And in addition to all this music, Google Play features entire radio stations personalized just for you — even without a subscription — based on your current mood, activity, or both.

By offering all the above and more, Google Play can sell your original songs to more people in many ways the competition can’t match.

Why Get Your Music on Amazon Music?

Amazon has been important to digital music for a long time. In January 2008, Amazon became the first music store to sell music without digital rights management (DRM) from the four major music labels (EMI, Universal, Warner Music, and Sony BMG).

Today, Amazon Prime Music has more than 100 million subscribers. That’s not counting the fans who use Amazon Music Unlimited, or listeners who purchase downloadable MP3s from Amazon, either. (And of course, they’ll gladly sell your CD or vinyl record, too).

Why Get Your Music on YouTube Music?

YouTube consistently ranks among the best music streaming options, with many reviewers placing it at the very top. USA Today notes that “The world’s largest and most popular video site also happens to have the best selection of music, hands down.” That makes YouTube music distribution very important to today’s music artists.

Back in 2017, Forbes called YouTube “the most popular site for on-demand music streaming.” A year later, the same business magazine rolled out its “Top 10 Streaming Music Services by Number of Users” and again found that “YouTube is far and away the most popular option in the world when it comes to streaming music.”

YouTube boasts over 1.5 billion users, with a staggering 82% of them using it to stream music. 47% of all on-demand music streaming happens on YouTube, even more than the year before.  Nobody is catching up to those numbers anytime soon, and you can have your slice of that pie.  But hold on, because the pie’s about to get even bigger.

Social Hackettes offers the best music distribution service globally. Distribution is a critical part of a music promo. Physical music suppliers used to be the only method for document labels and independent musicians to get their records in the hands of listeners.

As an artist, electronic distribution has become a need in order to reach all your potential followers. Smart distribution expands your presence. It obtains your songs into as several years as possible. And it aids you get paid for your songs.

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Why Get Your Music on Deezer?

Deezer Music Streaming comes from Paris, France, where it quickly gained popularity and spread to other French-speaking nations in Europe and Africa. Having raised 186 million dollars in 2018, Deezer is now a billion-dollar company and a global player in the battle for music streaming profits.

It’s not that surprising by the numbers, either. Deezer listeners are 14-million strong, enjoying a catalogue of 53 million music tracks, and they’re listening in more than 180 countries today. By the numbers, that makes Deezer Music Streaming the world’s third-biggest after Spotify and Apple.

Deezer takes all that success and turns it into a great experience for their subscribers. Deezer Music Streaming offers more than 100 million playlists, with new ones created daily by more than 50 staffed editors, and when listeners get tired of all that music, they can choose to stream from over 40,000 podcasts. And there are lots of other reasons to upload your music to deezer, too.

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