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If social media was not prominent in terms of business development in the past few years (which is, for a fact, was!), it plays an important role now.

The year 2020 has changed the way people do business due to the global pandemic, which has affected a lot of industries if not all. As such, social media marketing has become a major part of company growth. But what is social media marketing?

It is the process by which businesses and brands develop an online presence through content to promote their business. There are various social media platforms and requires different content structures to prove effective.

Social media marketing is also an effective way to reach and connect with your target audience no matter where they are. However, not all strategies work for every business, so knowing your industry and what worked best will give the desired results.

So, what is the best way forward when engaging your business in social marketing services?

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in 2020

There are numerous benefits involved in social marketing, and implementing the right social media tips will help you to achieve a higher ROI for your brand. Here are some of the tips and why you should prefer social media marketing ahead of any other forms of marketing.

  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Get higher traffic to your website
  • Reach millions of targeted audiences
  • Better conversion rates
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase profits

Before incorporating social media in your marketing strategies, here are a few tips to consider:

Tip 1- Define your social media marketing goals Tip

You have to know what you want to achieve for your business once you decide to incorporate social media into your marketing game. Setting realistic goals is essential as this will help guide you along the track in reaping the many advantages of the service.

Are you seeking to bring more awareness to your brand? Are you trying to grow your target audience? Depending on the industry your business falls under, you have to choose the most suitable social media platform that will help you to set your marketing goals efficiently.

Tip 2- Choose the right marketing platform

Another critical factor to consider when trying incorporating social media into your marketing plans is choosing the right platform. Bear in mind, not all social platforms work for every brand, and as such, you have to do the necessary research before making the ultimate decision.

You can always do trial and errors to see which works best for your brand, as this is one of the most reliable ways to get defined results. Also, there are various marketing platforms to use, and choosing the right one is critical to help your business grow and develop.

Does your brand have a smooth flow that offers users varied types of flexibility? Or, is it based on a kind of structure that features “get right to business?” If so, you may want to assess the social media platforms to see, which would help your brand function more efficiently.

Tip 3- Study your Social media competition and learn

One of the best ways to know how to approach social media marketing is by reviewing the actions and styles of your competitors. Numerous companies are operating under any given industry, and some have a more considerable influence than others.

You can check their tactics and which platform they use the most to result in the best results. There is no harm in learning from your competitors as it will help capture and keep your target audience intact. When studying their techniques, you can assess features such as their content creation styles, posting times and tactics, their communication and interaction, and every other activity involved in their marketing strategy.

Tip 4- Create unique and engaging content

Content sells your brand in a right way, and to reach out to your target audience and keep them entertained, you have to create content that attracts them. It should be unique and not as vague as what they are used to seeing from similar brands.

They should be prompted to interact and communicate with other users and the business itself once they read or watch. Take note, content does not only mean written text but also can be done in video format. It should bring lots of originality and even one with meaning.

Tip 5- Post regularly on all social media platforms

Don’t post this month and then nothing until a month later – this will only push your target audience further into your competitors’ grasp. This is by far one of the best social media marketing trends for 2020, as people are now moving online compared to physical visiting.

When you create an online presence and market your business on social media, you have to ensure you post regularly on all networks. This will help to keep your audience engaged and understand that you are providing business like no other.

Bear in mind that even if your company does not do well on all social platforms, it is vital to continue to post on them as your target audience is spread across each network.

Tip 6 – Design eye-catching social media posts

Graphic works with all types of social media marketing, so you have to ensure they are of the highest quality and are also attractive. Research shows that many businesses leads come as a result of eye-catching marketing strategies that tend to pull people in wanting to know what is offered.

However, be mindful not only to create attractive posts but also to ensure they are meaningful as people are searching for ways to enhance their lives. The way you create your social media posts tells a lot about your business and the quality of products and services you have to offer.

Tip 7- Track and measure your ROI from social media

Investment plays a critical part in your social media marketing because you want to be sure you are getting results. When you add social media to your marketing strategy, ensure you track and keep up-to-date with your ROI status to know your growth and progress. This is important as you don’t want to keep spending resources and not reap any positive returns.


Be mindful that there are billions of different users across each social media network, which means you have a high target audience present. Just about every industry uses these platforms for marketing their business as they are guaranteed positive results once the right marketing tactics are implemented.

The first step is to know your business and determine which social media platform is best for achieving a high ROI. Also, knowing the various social media marketing trends will help you formulate your content by using the right tools to attract your target audience.

Once the right strategies are used, including high and unique content, attractive posts, engaging content and resourceful data, you can rest assured of your brand becoming better and more reliable.

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