The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing in 2020

The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing in 2019


The moment you decide to invest into online marketing, you have explored the first step growing your business through a virtual spectrum. You must be sure that you take steps that guarantee a successful result or you would not only be wasting time and energy, but you’d also be losing capital. As a beginner of the marketing world, it may seem like a hard task, but determination must be a critical factor to get the results you desire.


As 2019 is sailing, how can a newbie succeed as an online content marketer? One must learn the skills of testing, evaluating, analyzing and working to achieve set goals. First off, you need to ensure you learn everything about the industry your content is focuses on. This will enable you to create higher quality content that will attract and keep your target audience entertained. Once you have grasped full knowledge of your industry, you will be able to optimize your content effectively.


Secondly, you need to understand how your target audience searches for information and what exactly they are looking for. Based on research conducted, people are more inclined to search for what is relevant to their needs. This revelation should be the ultimate guide you need to fully understand who your target group is and you must alter your content to match their search criteria. Thirdly, remember you are writing for real people and not just the internet or search engines. Curating your content is critical and it should be optimized to suit the style of the relevant search engines.


Finally, you need to stay up-to-date with the changes in how content is produced and published online. This will help you to not only rank better on the internet, but your readers will be impressed, which will encourage you to continue your efforts.


Being a successful beginner content marketer


Once you make the transition from planning to finally going live on the internet, there are specific steps you should focus on to make the experience worthwhile. As you move forward as a beginner, the following steps are critical to your growth:


Create a Marketing Strategy   


The first step as a beginner is to create a marketing strategy and one that will be effective. Not sure how this is done? No worries…we will guide you. When creating your marketing strategy, you need to:


  • Set You Goals – Without goals, you are not quite sure where you need to go or what you are working towards. The goals are guided directions as to what you need to work on, and where you need to position yourself to reach out to your audience. It is also important to make realistic and measurable goals so you can track your progress.
  • Know your target audience – Knowing your target audience is critical as this helps you to understand what content to write as well as how to optimize. It can be an easy task to identify your select audience through demographic surveys based on your website’s analytics, through user feedback.
  • Run a test drive – This step will help to identify what type of content your audience is most inclined to as well as help to position you better in terms of attracting more readers based on the industry your content is in.
  • Know where and what type of content sells best – Not all content works the same on all internet platform whether through a website, blog or social media. It is essential to know where your content receives the best feedback and customize to suit such. As a beginner, you may need to sample each platform with a select portion of material and see how well or poorly it performs to move forward. Also, you need to focus on the type of content that works best for your audience. So, going between text content or visual (photo, video) content will also provide results you are looking for.
  • Once you have done all the above, it is important to measure your positive feedback against your planning.


Promotion Tactics to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy


Once you decide to create an online presence to post your content, you may need to implement the promotional tactic to marketing. There are multiple ways to increase your marketing outcome in terms of growth and interaction that you should apply. This covers a few features to include:

  • Guest Blogging

You can do guest blogging to assist in marketing your content on a similar website that shares your business type. This will allow you to spread knowledge on what you desire and, in most cases, let you a backlink to your website or blog.

  • Social Media

Creating and posting on social media is an excellent form of marketing as a newbie as the popularity of the platforms will provide you with lots of views. They are generally open to posting, and you can do so through messaging, on industry business pages or in groups.

  • Email Marketing

This is an effective way to reach out to your audience as it is considered a direct marketing tool. Instead of allowing your audience always to come looking for you, make an effort to reach out to them with your content.


5 Content Marketing Tools for Beginners


Specific marketing tools must be utilized by a beginning content marketer to receive the highest performance levels. These tools have been tested and proven by now successful businesses who have an active online presence. Here are the top five (5) tools you must have and use:  

  • Quora for Content Discovery

Content discovery is a great way to go to find ideas about what you should produce. Quora has been proven to aid in providing ideas you may have never thought of or even seen around much. Bear in mind; originality goes a far way in attracting your target audience above your competitors.

  • Contently for Writing

Need to have some content written but don’t know where to get it? Contently might have the answers you need. It is a platform that connects seekers with writing experts for all industries in providing theme-focused content.

  • Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a platform that helps you to market, sell and deliver your content to your right target audience in an organized manner.

  • Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo helps you to identify which content works best for you and gives ideas on how to improve. It is a platform that allows you to create, market and track the performance of your content.

  • Buffer for Content Promotion

Buffer is a tool that allows you to track multiple contents posting across the internet primarily via social media. You can get a full and in-depth overview of your content and their respective performance across each platform.

Use Long-Form Content to Boost SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by far one of the most important factors to consider when creating and planning on posting content online. It is the feature that helps to rank your content and also makes it easier for readers to find. But why should you go for long-form content in your marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons to…

  • You rank higher on search engines

The higher you rank on the popular search engines, the greater your visibility will be. Not many people are tempted to go to “page 2 and onwards” but instead grab the first link they see after searching. Though you are optimizing your content, still focus on the fact that you are writing for a human audience.

  • They boost conversion and easier to share on social media

These types of content help to convert a potential lead much better than regular content would. It also enables easier sharing on popular social media platforms.

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