Our service is completely hands-free and is fully-managed by your growth specialist – this means they are monitoring your campaign and continuously optimizing your targets to ensure that your growth is maximized. Therefore, we do not currently provide access to a dashboard.

However, if you’d like to make any changes to your account or your targets, or if you’d like to see a snapshot of your results to see how well your campaign has been performing, our growth specialists are on standby and can help you with any of these requests. Simply send an email to Support@socialhackettes.com and someone will be available to help you.

100% organic followers. We provide a continual “growth” of organic followers through management, people who will only follow you if they are interested in your account, you will notice new followers, more comments, and more post likes, since these are people who are showing actual interest.

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not sell you fake followers. We’ve spent years developing specialized marketing techniques to help you see real, targeted growth with genuine, active followers – so yes, your followers are real.

There is no account age requirement for Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube Services. For Instagram and Twitter Growth, your account must be at least 1 year old to use our service.

We recommend that you continue to put the most energy into your content strategy because the number one rule on social media is that people buy likability, trust, loyalty, solutions, benefits, authenticity, value, and credibility.

Work on creating content that demonstrates these qualities.

Absolutely. Our service uses genuine marketing techniques to deliver real growth to your account. We work well within the constraints of Instagram and we do everything possible to ensure that your account is both safe and secure while using Social Hackettes.

Use our free trial to try us out for 3-5 days and see what we have to offer. Cancel anytime during the trial period, and you won’t pay a dime.

You tell us what kind of photoshoot you would like. You pick a date and time. We find you a professional photographer in your local area. You show up to your photoshoot. Photos are available for download 2-3 days after your shoot. Your photos are available forever within your dashboard. All images are enhanced (prints are available at an $0.29 cents per photos). Complementary photoshoots are only included at the full retail price of our service.

Once your campaign has been set up, we immediately begin working on your account. Given the organic nature of our service and your growth, you can expect to start seeing results in about 1-2 hours.

Social Hackettes is designed to support you wherever you are in your social media journey from start to finish. We actually encourage you to start increasing your awareness before you launch your business!

Followers who are considered organic find your page on the explore page, on a mutual friends’ page, or because you engaged with their page in some shape or form.

Of course. We offer 15% off your order when ordering multiple services.

  • Make sure that the e-mail you used for registering with Instagram is real, and you have access to it.
  • The E-mail you used for registering with Instagram is confirmed and approved by Instagram.
  • It is strongly recommended to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook business page.
  • Manual Activity to ensure your account does not get flagged due to an increase of engagement, minimize your manual activity while using our service.
  • Upload a profile picture and fill in your profile bio.
  • Add at least 6 photos to your account using the Instagram App.
  • Ensure that your content does not violate the Instagram Terms of Service. We are not responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to social media: If a service promises “guaranteed” followers, they’re delivering you FAKE results. Don’t fall for it. There is absolutely no way to guarantee followers when it comes to organic growth. Social Hackettes believes in real results, and therefore, we will never guarantee followers. Follower estimations are based off the highest activity speed that we can possible perform.

No, they will not! The followers you have gained while using Social Hackettes are yours! Remember – the followers you have gained are following you because they actively choose to, they are showing interest in your profile and who or what you have to offer.

To cancel or modify your subscription you must sign into your account. We do not accept email cancelations.

If your subscription has a pre-paid term that has not been finished yet, the subscription will be assigned the Pending Cancellation status. When the pre-paid term ends, the subscription’s status will be transitioned to Cancelled.

Yes – you may use your account as you normally would while using Social Hackettes. Your growth specialist works hard to ensure that your account is performing the necessary actions to maximize your growth, therefore, we recommend that you keep performing your own engagement.

You may update your payment information by visiting your account.

Simply reach out to your growth specialist at: support@socialhackettes.com and they will be able to update or remove your current targets, add new targets, adjust your campaign settings, and answer any other questions you may have about your account, campaign, or growth.

Your login info is required to establish a connection with the social media platform’s API, but we never actually log into your account. In order for us to connect your account to our targeting system, social media platforms require that we provide your username and password. Without this information, they will not allow our system to target new fans on your behalf.

You can upgrade or downgrade your package at anytime by logging into your account.

Growth reports can be offered upon request or can be found on the public website:


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