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Social Media Management

$599.99 / month

  • Tailored Audience Growth + Engagement
  • Dedicated 6-Person Creative Team
  • Monthly Content Calendar Development ( Reels, Carousel, Stories)
  • Comment + Inbox Management (optional)
  • Monthly In-Person Photoshoot Sessions (Travel Fee included)
  • Monthly One-on-One Strategy Calls
  • Unlimited Revisions + Easy Content Approval Process
  • Multi-Platform Presence: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Shorts, X, Tiktok, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, GMB, Snapchat
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting

Social Hackettes Marketing is offering you a chance to really grow your brand on multiple platforms. Don’t settle for barely growing on one or two platforms – you need to maximize your exposure across as many platforms as possible to beat the competition. All posts include custom graphic design, long-form captions and researched hashtags, and 100% organic + targeted outreach – we don’t artificially boost accounts. Get started today and see the difference!



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About Our Plan

The ultimate Social Media growth package from Social Hackettes will increase your brand’s presence on Social Media platforms. This service can help your social media accounts, brand, products, or service to grow and reach your social media marketing goals. As a leading and one of the most highly-recommended social media growth service provider Social Hackettes has proven its mettle in the industry and has helped hundreds of social media accounts, influencers, brands, and businesses grow in social media.

With our tailored social media growth solutions, we can use full assurance by handling these channels effectively. Consequently, you can concentrate on other core aspects of your service while we take care of your different social media accounts. We supply an extensive range of growth services that are in line with your organization’s goals, objectives, and needs. For example: –

We work closely with brands to help them understand their social media marketing goal and help them with regular followers’ growth, likes, shares, and comments engagements. Our social media growth service in 2022 and our social media growth specialists are here to help you with anything related to your social media account. Buy this service and boost your followers to get ahead of your competition.


Our social media tasks will be broken down into five parts:
  1. Profile optimization
  2. Content optimization
  3. Caption optimization
  4. Hashtag Research
  5. Community and Engagement
Within these tasks we will make sure of the following:
  • That your username is consistent across all social platforms and brand touchpoints
  • That your profile photo is consistent across all social platforms
  • That your bio explains who you/your brand is, what you do and what you offer
  • That your bio offer insight as to who your account will benefit
  • That your bio explain what type of content can be expected and how it will benefit your target audience
  • That you have a consistent theme and overall concept for your content
  • There is a consistent color story throughout your social feed
  • That your content mix represent a variety of content for your brand that supports your overall brand goals and the purpose of your social accounts
  • That we are writing relevant captions that enhance your photos/videos
  • That your captions use storytelling tactics and showcase your brand personality
  • That we include questions and call to actions in some of your captions to engage your audience
  • That we use your captions to share your expertise and build trust with your audience
  • That we are using relevant and strategic hashtags on all of your posts
  • That we engage with accounts that are aligned, relevant to your business
  • …. and many more tasks


Social Media Management FAQ

We handle all of the research for the content creation process; you do not need to provide us with anything. You will get a chance to approve the content that we create. Each post includes a caption and a set of hashtags that will help further rank your posts. We also perform 24-hour outreach to your target audience, which will result in more sales, leads, and followers.
We use Photoshop and various video editing software.
Instagram, Facebook, X , LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Reddit
Tell us what kind of photoshoot you would like. Pick a date and time. We'll find you a professional photographer in your local area (we'll send you a list of available photographers before booking one for you). Show up to your photoshoot. Photos will be available for download 2-3 days after your shoot. Your photos will be accessible forever within your dashboard. All images are enhanced (prints are available at $0.29 per photo). Complimentary photoshoots are included in your social media management package only if you have paid the full retail price. Complimentary photoshoots do not roll over to the following month. If you do not take advantage of the complimentary shoot during your membership term, you must book your shoot during the next active term.
Yes, it does. We imitate the natural way people interact on Instagram by engaging with up to 5,000+ targeted users on behalf of your account per month. In addition to posting quality content, we perform community outreach through liking, commenting, following, and DMing accounts within your niche. You will see a daily increase in profile visits and followers.
If notice is given more than 14 days before the photoshoot (or "Complimentary Photoshoots") date: You can reschedule or cancel the shoot free of charge. We will inform your photographer. If notice is given less than 14 days but more than 24 hours before the photoshoot (or "Complimentary Photoshoots") date: You can reschedule or cancel the shoot for a $20 cancellation fee. If any changes need to be made to the photoshoot (or "Complimentary Photoshoots") less than 24 hours before the event, we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate reschedules, relocations, or cancellations. We will have to inform the photographer of the cancellation, and they will still be compensated for their time. The full photographer's fee will be charged to you as the client.
Yes absolutely! Ask us about our photoshoot option.
We identify the communities that will be interested in your business—the people most likely to become your customers. We connect you with Instagram users who are most relevant to your business and introduce them to your brand. If they find your page compelling, they'll follow you back and engage with your content.
You will receive an Audience Persona Questionnaire that we have created to conduct research specifically for your brand. This questionnaire provides context and helps us identify your objectives, which will assist us in choosing the perfect sets of hashtags for your page while keeping your goals in mind.
Social Hackettes' Hashtag Experts use the "Ladder Method" to select a mix of big, medium, and small hashtags to increase viral potential: if you go viral with the small hashtags, it'll be easier to go viral with the medium hashtags, and if you go viral with the medium hashtags, it'll be easier to go viral with the big hashtags. We take into account the Daily Average Post Count, which is the average number of new photos added to a hashtag every day. This is an indication of how competitive and popular a hashtag is. The easiest way to go viral is to use hashtags with a high post count and a low DAPC. Social Hackettes will do this research for you and deliver the best hashtags for your accounts.
You may cancel at any time by visiting your dashboard. There is no need to email us to cancel your subscription. Under the subscription tab in your account, you will see the option to "cancel". Visit socialhackettes.com/my-account or click "Login" on the main menu.

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Tiktok


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