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  • 1 Linkedin Profile Campaign (No Company Pages)
  • 300-500 Real Targeted Followers
  • Up to 750 invitation sends
  • Up to 750 Sales Messages
  • Auto-Replies to New Connections
  • 24_7 Email Support
  • Cancel Anytime

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LinkedIn is one of the best places to build a professional network and increase your overall profile value for getting a job. For people who are looking for a job or searching for leads that could be a potential customer in the future, LinkedIn has been a real boon. However, if you are just getting started or trying too hard and still not getting the results, then Social Hackettes can help.

Social Hackettes helps businesses and professionals with LinkedIn growth services to gain real and organic followers in no time. We’ll test out different LinkedIn marketing ideas on your LinkedIn account. Our LinkedIn experts will continuously help you create new items and content that’ll resonate with your potential audience. We also offer several LinkedIn Marketing services that include: –

  • LinkedIn Growth Services
  • LinkedIn Organic Growth Plus
  • LinkedIn Growth Pro

Effective LinkedIn marketing includes information that is geared for your target audience and can help you increase the profile visibility, Social Hackettes – one of the best LinkedIn Marketing Agencies can help you achieve that.

Our dedicated LinkedIn Marketing Experts will help you increase the visibility of your posts by including relevant hashtags that will guarantee an increase in followers and higher engagement rates. We also offer a free consultation for your account, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now.

How do you find targeted accounts?
  • We find the communities that will be interested in your business, the people most likely to become your customers.
  • We connect you with Linkedin users most relevant to your business, and introduce them to your brand.
  • If they find your page compelling, they’ll accept connection request and engage with your content.
How does our Linkedin Growth Service work?
We do all the hard work, the time-consuming, mundane activities that nobody wants to handle. We engage with up to 10,000+ targeted Linkedin accounts on behalf of your account per month, while you just focus on posting quality content. This runs behind the scenes and brings the best results on Linkedin
The reason this is the most powerful growth strategy right now is because when your target audience checks to see who has liked or followed their account, your account is going to be there and this creates curiosity and interest for that person to check out your page and follow/engage with you back.
Are your LinkedIn Followers real & legit or are they fake followers?
  • Social Hackettes promises no bots and legit traffic only. That means we deliver real LinkedIn followers with real and active people. Tracking is available in our 100% transparent, proprietary dashboard.
  • Social Hackettes DO NOT engage with service providers who DIRECTLY incentivize their users (aka fake LinkedIn followers). For example, providers are only allowed to advertise to users to view your LinkedIn profile, content. If the users wish to, they may optionally follow your LinkedIn account without receiving additional rewards. The ads must also be opt-in only. The reason behind this is so you get real LinkedIn followers instead of fake followers.
  • Real users are not only safer, but there is also a higher chance they may be genuinely interested in your LinkedIn profile, content, etc. However we DO NOT promise that all or majority of them will be interested in your LinkedIn profile, content, etc.


Why do you work with Personal Profiles and not Company pages?
  • The most crippling aspect of LinkedIn Company Pages is the fact that you aren’t able to proactively connect with targeted prospects, have one to one conversations, and develop relationships.
  • You are 100% dependent on the interactions that come to you organically (which are minimal) and with paid sponsored updates.
  • Many businesses are successful with using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, but they can get expensive, and they aren’t enough to justify Company Pages becoming the cornerstone of your LinkedIn strategy unless you have a huge advertising budget.
  • The magic has always been with personal profiles and the relationships you develop there – and that’s likely not going to change for a long time (if at all).


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