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Just like Instagram, Pinterest has been a pioneer in the image-sharing segment. Hence, if your business or brand revolves around photos or photography services, then it’s high time to invest in Social Hackettes – #1 Pinterest Marketing Agency, to get result driven and highly professional Pinterest marketing Services. This photogenic platform is the best online destination for users to search millions of high-quality images.

At Social Hackettes Pinterest Marketing Company, our Pinterest marketers will ensure that the Pinterest promotion convinces your fans to save your pins. With the help of a novel promotion strategy, your Pinterest account gets bombarded with explosive growth.

You can choose the Standard Growth plan or go for the Plus Package that arrives with additional perks. These two plans provide you with real targeted followers, unlimited engagement, and user interaction.

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Our Pinterest Marketing Plans or Packages

300-1000 Real Targeted Followers

Unlimited Targeted Engagement

Fan Interaction And Engagement

Keyword Research

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"I've gained over 1390 followers in 30 days which is great, will definitely order again your Pinterest marketing and management services. One suggestion for anyone ordering, make sure you provide a lot of hashtags and similar accounts to make this a success."
"The spike in following and engagement is amazing. I am beginning to see inquires from people wanting to purchase my art. Thank you I am grateful for your Pinterest Marketing and growth services."

About Social Hackettes’ Pinterest Marketing Service

If I tell you that there’s a social media website that drives three times more web traffic to other sites than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Reddit combined, a social media website that has a better lead generation and conversion rate than any other website. Well, the name of the site is Pinterest, and it is one of the world’s fastest-growing social media sites which has around 250 million monthly active users as of October 2018, according to Wikipedia.

Our Top Pinterest Services Consist of:

 About Pinterest

Pinterest can be classified as a social media website that allows its users to find, pin, and curate images & videos on virtual bulletin boards. Pinterest, in a nutshell, is an online pinboard. Founded in 2010, Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social networking sites among the ladies as 60% of its users are females who make up the majority of its audience.

Pinterest, as with other social bookmarking solutions, offers an add-on to a user’s browser toolbar permitting them to pin images right from the browser since they’re surfing the internet. Users may make boards and pin images showcasing all out of inspirations to personal goods, along with navigating through public pins and boards created by additional end users.

How Does Pinterest Work?

We are going to give you a brief context on how to use Pinterest for individuals and businesses. If you think Pinterest is like any other social media site then you are wrong, unlike others, Pinterest is all based on visual content. The primary objective of Pinterest is to connect people or businesses with the same interests one can upload an image or pin images and websites they found on the web interesting with the help of a Pinterest bookmarker known as the Pinterest browser button. Now, let’s take a look at how does Pinterest works.

Sign Up:

There are two accounts on Pinterest one for individuals and one for businesses. To sign up you can use your email, Facebook, and Google accounts for individuals, and for businesses you need an official business email from which you can sign up for professional Pinterest services.
Profile: You can add a picture, profile description, a link to your website, pins, and boards you’ve created. Your profile lays the foundation for the remainder of your Pinterest marketing services, and you’ll save a good deal of time getting it right now versus attempting to correct everything later to make sure you have the perfect one.

Home Feed:

You can see recent pins from the people and boards you are following, in your Pinterest home feed, based upon interest. Sadly, Pinterest doesn’t allow its users to personalize or filter pins you see on the home feed. If you do not want to see someone pins on your feed in the future, you can un-follow them.


If you found something interesting on the internet while surfing or you want an image from a shopping website to be saved for future references, Pinterest offers a Pin-it Button to collect that item which can later show up on your profile. You can install the Browser Button extension in your browser to pin images from all over the web. One can also re-pin images they find on Pinterest.


With the help of Boards, users can organize their pins. Users can create a board about the different products or services they offer and can save the pins on the relevant boards. If you encounter a Pinterest board created utilizing a user that you find particularly fascinating, you can follow that board, and you’ll be notified when something becomes added.


You can follow someone who shares the same interest or see their ideas of what pins they save. Following someone on Pinterest is very easy all you need to do is to put the name of your friend in the search bar of Pinterest and press enter. You’ll see a list of people with the same name appears on your screen, check the profile picture, open the profile, and click on Follow.

Pinterest Analytics:

Pinterest offers inbuilt analytics tools that help businesses to measure the quality and amount of traffic they are getting to their website and social accounts. First, you need to verify your website and social account by following a few procedures provided by Pinterest to claim the ownership of the site or social accounts then you’ll be able to measure the performance.

This is how Pinterest works for both individuals and businesses. The Pinterest community is a creative community that can be precisely what you would like it to be because you can choose whom you follow, and what exactly you wish to pin.

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Businesses

Maneuvering the company procedure and ensuring the most suitable proportions of profit earning are the basics of all kinds of the company, whether it’s a small company or a large corporate. In modern marketing, Pinterest marketing and management will take the crucial position when it comes to generating a good amount of profit for your business. It is a social networking platform may give you a substantial number of followers, potential clients, and even referrals that you cannot get through traditional procedures of marketing in lesser time.

Social media platforms help businesses by improving customer service quality. Last, you can also look around on social media to learn what topics are popular in your niche at this time. When most companies know the advantages of utilizing a Facebook and Twitter account for their small business, many have not realized that Pinterest is a significant approach to engage a customer base too. Regardless of whether you’re a blogger, a coach, a consultant, or a small business proprietor, you can utilize Pinterest to promote your organization.

Let’s take a look at some of the critical benefits Pinterest can offer to your business or brand.

• Increase Brand Awareness :

Pinterest users love to connect with brands on the platform, unlike Facebook and Instagram. If your business is all about product purchases, it’s been demonstrated that Pinterest is the very best social media channel in regards to increasing the visibility of a product and purchasing conversions. The more pins and re-pins you get on Pinterest the more organically your brand or product visibility increases within your target audiences.

• Showcase Your Product and Services:

As a visual-based social networking platform, Pinterest is the best and ideal platform to showcase your business, brand, products, and services. You can pin images and videos of your products or services which must be intriguing to attract the right audiences.

• Increase Website Traffic:

You’ll be surprised to know that Pinterest is one of the most significant site traffic drivers around the globe. Yes, it generates higher traffic to your site than compared to Twitter, YouTube, or Reddit. Whenever a Pinterest user pins your website image, a backlink is automatically created for your site. This can help you develop an excellent & natural amount of backlinks which in return guarantees high search engine rankings. Pinterest also allows its user to integrate with the website, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, and cross-posting platform makes it easier for many users.

• Generate More Leads and Sales:

The best thing about Pinterest is that something as easy as a picture of your merchandise can go viral in a few minutes. Researches have shown that visitors from Pinterest are most likely to convert into leads or sales in comparison to any other social media website. Lifestyle brands typically possess the very best luck on Pinterest, but it doesn’t signify that a company selling a plumbing service doesn’t have any chance at Pinterest’s success.

One of the numerous added benefits of Pinterest is it permits you to define and garner exposure for a brand and the folks behind it. Use the Pinterest search function to find out how widespread the regions of interest of possible clients are on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest Growth and Pinterest Management Service from Social Hackettes

Adding professional and result-driven Pinterest marketing services to your social marketing strategy is not only going to drive additional visitors to your website but besides, will improve brand image and reputation. No matter what kind of business you’ve got, one of your key goals needs to be to acquire more qualified visitors to your site, and regardless of your niche, there’s a market for you on Pinterest.

Social Hackettes – a leading or Pintetrest marketers that offers a very affordable Pinterest Growth Service which helps people grow their Pinterest account and increase the number of leads or sales. Rather than individuals finding your site, being visible on Pinterest offers you additional possible touchpoints. At Social Hackettes, our team of experienced Pinterest specialists will increase your brand identity by performing a variety of known tasks capable of doing wonders for business on Pinterest.

Our Popular Pinterest Marketing Services include;

• 500-1000 Real Targeted Followers:

We are one of the best Pinterest management companies that help you gain 500-1000 real targeted followers every month organically on your Pinterest account. We will provide 100% legitimate & real followers who will offer real-time engagement for your pins and boards. All the followers you gain through our Pinterest marketing service will be relevant and according to your industry or niche.

• Weekly Promotional Pins:

Exactly like with any other portion of your social media presence, posting the correct content at the ideal times will permit you to secure more value from your Pinterest content. Social Hackettes’ Pinterest marketing experts will display high-quality and relevant pins as weekly promotions on your behalf. We will make sure that the ideas you are sharing on Pinterest as Pins reach the maximum number of audiences and they must be relevant.

• Unlimited Target Engagement:

As we offer you custom and affordable Pinterest marketing packages including real and relevant targeted followers, who are designed to keep the engagement rate higher for any of our clients’ Pinterest account, some of our tasks for unlimited target engagement includes posting quality photos on the clients Pinterest account, personal moments with followers, adding alt text to images to improve search engine visibility, the positioning of the most popular boards, and many more ways.

• Fan Interaction and Engagement:

Our Pinterest specialists will manage all the favorite features such as following, comments, and liking on your behalf if you have got a large number of people following you and you are not able to engage with every one of your followers.

• Keyword Research:

Staring by exploring topics to researching with promoted pins. We will bring out the best and most popular long-tail keywords which will benefit you. Later on, when the relevant keywords are selected, it will guarantee to offer many opportunities for your brand or business.

• 24/7 Email Support:

Get help at any time for any issues related to your account by our dedicated Pinterest marketing managers via email. Clients can shoot an email for any queries, and we assured to get an instant reply from us.

• Free Trial:

It takes less than a minute to sign up for our services and the best part about each of Social Hackettes services is that you can test for yourself how efficient we are by signing up for our 3 Day Free Trial. Experience the growth of your Pinterest account in only 3 days and see the outcome of the work that we are going to put. There’s no hidden charge or extra gimmicks you need to be afraid of. Just sign up and see the magic.

If you’re a small business owner seeking to secure more leads and sales from the internet, you may be considering marketing your company on Pinterest with the help of Social Hackettes social media influencers, Pinterest marketers, and Pinterest managers. Apart from the impressive facts already mentioned, there are a lot of great reasons your brand, products, services, and business ought to be on Pinterest, we will help you use Pinterest ads and also guide you to develop a Pinterest promoting strategy.

The popularity of Pinterest marketing has grown exponentially. While other social media marketing still works, Pinterest marketing and management has become necessary if you want to get traffic and increase your sales, especially if you are in the e-commerce space.

If you are interested in building a successful online presence, then you absolutely need a Pinterest account. Social Hackettes can help you with creating your business’s or brand’s Pinterest account. We can help you gain more leads resulting in increased revenue and profit for your business through our Pinterest Marketing services. The Pinterest service that we offer includes multiple campaigns such as:

  • Pinterest Growth Service
  • Pinterest Growth Plus
  • Pinterest Growth Pro

Social Hackettes provides custom Pinterest services campaigns. We’ll help you grow your Pinterest account by increasing your followers, pin shares, and sky-rocketing your engagement rates. We’ll help you drive conversions and sales with our highly optimized Pinterest campaigns and help you achieve your business goals/objectives.

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