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We understand how difficult it is to gain lots of engagement on your videos when just starting off on Youtube. Let Social Hackettes give you an engagement boost. Engagement helps your credibility and is a form of social proof. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win over your potential fans.



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About Our Plan

YouTube has become the primary source of advertisement for many brands, products, and services. The more likes and views you gain in your videos, the higher chances of getting these ads displayed on your videos and helping you make a lot of money. But wait, how can you gain real YouTube likes and views for your videos? Well, we’ve got the right answer for you. At Social Hackettes, we offer and help YouTube users buy real YouTube likes and views at cheaper rates.

Do you need more YouTube views? Are you looking for a YouTube view increaser? Don’t worry, Social Hackettes YouTube likes & views services are here to help you gain the right amount of real views on your YouTube channel videos. We can also help you with other YouTube services such as: –

  • YouTube Management Services
  • YouTube Channel Growth Service
  • YouTube Growth Pro
  • YouTube Real Likes & Views (High-Retention)
  • Music Distribution Pro

Take the next step and increase your video views by signing up for Social Hackettes YouTube views and likes plan. You can gain a lot of attention to your channel and might get loyal YouTube subscribers in no time if you go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube video views and likes plan. So hurry up!

Why do I need to buy YouTube Likes & Views product?
  • YouTube is one of the most popular video sites on the Web today. Millions of videos have been uploaded and shared here, ranging from movie trailers to amateur videos of cats and everything in between.
  • Convince YouTube algorithm to prefer your videos and channel rather than your competitors.
  • Higher search rank of your videos on suggested results. More views on YouTube along with longer YouTube watch time, video likes, and video comments improve their ranking and show your videos to more people.
  • New uploaded video gets off the ground quickly. All the time you wait for your video to grow with your first views on YouTube will cost you money and potential ad revenue.
  • Many of the big brands, musicians, celebrities, and personalities buy daily views of YouTube while no one notices it. They treat it as an investment in their brand’s advertising and construction, and you can follow their playbook as the next big thing on YouTube.
  • Drive traffic and grow your YouTube channel especially when you also have attention-grabbing video thumbnails.
  • Make your video look popular with thousand YouTube views. This social proof captures people’s attention and increase your natural YouTube views quicker. A recent study demonstrated that 94% people chose to watch a video with 47,000 views instead of a video with less than 100 views even though both videos were the same.
What is the Retention for this package?
  • The retention for this package is 1-4 Minutes
Why Social Hackettes is the best site to buy YouTube Likes & Views?
  • High quality YouTube views.
  • Get free drop replacement if part of your order is dropped within 15 days. However, we will not be able to offer drop replacement if you buy likes from multiple providers concurrently as it would be difficult for us to determine whether the drops come from Social Hackettes or other providers.
How to buy YouTube Views?
  • After you have made your payment, our system will monitor your channel around the clock for new video uploads.
  • Each time you post a new video we will promote it.
  • We will START processing your order instantly.
How long do videos take to be promoted?
  • Promotion of videos take up to 24 hours to be completely promoted. Our Team promotes your videos across multiple platforms for maximum viewership. This process can take up to 24 hours depending on what time the video is posted and how well people gravitate to it.
Do you promote videos prior to me signing up?
  • No, we only promote videos that are posted after you purchase a package.
  • Promotion of 15 Videos Per Month
Does video promotion include premiered/streamed videos?
  • No, we only promote videos that are uploaded normally.
Is buying YouTube Views cheap?
  • Social Hackettes is not aimed at being the most affordable service provider. On the contrary, we aspire to be the best and safest quality.
  • That being said, most of our customers find that our pricing for YouTube views is cheap compared to most competitors, especially after considering our quality of service. The reason is because we are able to get better pricing from our service providers due to bulk orders and high order volume.
Will the views drop or is it high retention YouTube views?
  • There are 2 definitions of high retention YouTube views. The first definition is the views do not drop after several weeks. It is highly unlikely for your views to drop because we get real users to watch your video. In the unlikely event that your YouTube views delivered drop below the amount you have ordered or you think it is not delivered, please contact us at support@socialhackettes.com and we are more than happy to offer free replacement.
  • The other definition of high retention YouTube views is where users watch more than 50% of your video. For example if your video length is 3 minutes, high retention YouTube views mean each user watch longer than 1.5 minutes. The purpose of high retention views is for YouTube to rank your video higher in search. If that is your purpose, please contact us for pricing for high retention views.

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