10 Popular TikTok Stats That You Need To Know In 2023

Do you want to grow your TikTok account? Are you planning to start a social media marketing campaign for your TikTok Account? These popular TikTok Stats will help you to get the best result. 

TikTok has brought sensations in the social media world, and currently, it is the most popular and trending social media platform worldwide. It is a video-creating platform that allows the users to create short videos with trending music, filters, and features; you would have seen its craze in kids and teenage groups. No doubt, it strongly influences people and makes them addicted to using. 

Top 10 Popular TikTok Stats That You Need To Know In 2022

In 2021, TikTok is not limited to just creating videos; it has become one of the most trending online marketing platforms in the digital world. That’s why TikTok is the first choice for promoting brands and business through content creators, and they are looking for ways to improve their TikTok account growth.

In terms of growing their TikTok account, many creators adopt Organic TikTok growth services or Paid TikTok growth services; we can’t deny that it is great to achieve followers and likes on your TikTok account. Although, knowing about TikTok statistics will help you build the best TikTok marketing strategy for your account growth.

Find out the important TikTok growth statistics of 2022 and build the right TikTok growth strategy by analyzing these statistics and getting the result you want.

1. TikTok is available in more than 200 countries

If we talk about the availability of TikTok, it is available in more than 200 countries in different languages. Although initially, it was available in 155 countries, till 2020, it has reached over 200 countries; now you can estimate how much part of the population is covered by it. However, in 2021, India bans it; still, this platform is growing day by day and has crossed 200 countries.

Doesn’t matter where your audience is located, you can easily reach your audience by using this platform, you can easily target audiences from various countries. These stats will be beneficial for you if you want to target an international audience.

2. Numbers of Users on TikTok

If we talk about the TikTok growth stats, the numbers of users on TikTok always remain the critical consideration. If you want to check the popularity of a social media platform, then you must look for “how many users does it have?” If you check the numbers of active users on TikTok, you will find that this platform has more than 680 million monthly active users over the globe. TikTok gains these huge numbers of users very quickly; on the other hand, other social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook took years to gain millions of users. Now, you can imagine it is the most excellent way to reach a large audience.

3. Numbers of TikTok Downloads 

If you look forward to the TikTok growth chart, you will find that it has continuously grown day by day. TikTok competed for its 1 million downloads within a few months; now, you can estimate how impressive and liked this app is. In the starting months of 2020. TikTok downloads increased 58 percent because of the pandemic. During the lockdown period, people were spending more time on their mobile phones and started seeking new entertainment sources, no doubt, and found TikTok a most entertaining platform, that’s why it’s download was increased 58percent in 2020. If you see its current 2021 downloads you won’t get any sign of stopping its downloads; In fact, it has been increasing day by day.

4. Average Time Users Spend on TikTok Daily

“How much time do users spend on TikTok daily?” it is also an essential TikTok stats of 2022, you must know about it. A user spends around an hour daily on TikTok; meanwhile, either he/she creates a video themselves or scrolls the videos. So, approximately one hour daily is spent by a user on it. If we compare this data with other social media platforms, you will find that Facebook is top on this list because Facebook has viewers and loves to watch videos; on the other hand, TikTok has creators, so it is used by creators more. And, numbers of viewers are more than creators; that is the reason Facebook leads. However, this difference is a few minutes, so we can’t neglect the power of TikTok.  

5. Number of Views on TikTok Videos

Since TikTok came into existence, its number of views on videos has been continuously increasing. In 2018, 1 million videos were viewed per day, which is mind-blowing data; at that time, there was no other platform that gained that amount of views every day. Now, you have an idea of how much users like it and how much time users spend on it. Till 2022, this platform has become a milestone for the users to gain views faster. The past few years’ statistics of TikTok video views are enough to explain why creators love TikTok to gain views on videos.

6. Downloads of TikTok on Google Play

The number of TikTok downloads on Google play is the most strategic data that marketers should consider. As TikTok is the fastest growing app, it downloads on Google play in a large number. To get the actual data, you can check its downloads on the Google play store. As per the latest statistics of TikTok, it is trendy in South America, and Brazil is the number one in this list. However, in 2020, its downloads were falling off because many countries banned it. For example, 30 percent of downloads of this app belonged to India, and since it was banned in India, its downloads on Google play decreased.

7. Most Popular App on Apple Store

Like the Google play store, TikTok is the most popular and downloaded app on the apple store; according to data, this app has more than 30 million downloads on the Apple app store, which is more than any other popular app like; Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, even YouTube. Moreover, its number of downloads has been continuously increasing on the apple store because it’s constantly evolving the new users. Recently, TikTok has crossed its 1 billion downloads on the apple play store and took 4th place in the most popular downloaded non-gaming app on the apple store.

8. Growing Number of Adult Users

The number of adult users has also been increasing on TikTok day by day, especially in the USA. Currently, TikTok has more than 500 million-plus android and apple active users. If you analyze the TikTok demographics, you will find that in 2017, TikTok has 2 million adult users, and within a year, it reaches up to 7 million. Every year the number of adult users on TikTok has been growing five times. In 2021, you can see a considerable spike and the engagement of TikTok in adult users.

9. Strongly Influence the Youngsters

TikTok is prevalent in all age groups, but it strongly influences youngsters, especially 10 to 29 age groups, which is 60 percent of the TikTok Users. This app is created by focusing on the young age group, and youngsters love it; they like everything about it. TikTok creators understand what youngsters need, and they deliver the young audience what they are looking for. By monitoring the younger generation’s interest, they launch new features from time to time. Lip synchronization, filter, tunes, music, effects are its few fantastic features loved by the young audience.

10. User Use TikTok Multiple Times in a Day

Users download several apps, and after using them once or twice, they forget about it. But if you look for TikTok growth statistics, it didn’t happen in the TikTok case. Since TikTok came, it has been continuously growing day by day; its popularity remains constant. As per a study, it has been declared that nine out of ten TikTok users use this app multiple times a day. The numbers of viewers are more rather than the number of creators. No doubt, TikTok is a fantastic platform for creating videos, despite the fact people love to watch existing content here.


These are the top trending stats of TikTok in 2022, making it different from other social media platforms. Now, you must have realized that TikTok is much more than just a fun app. If you compare TikTok to other social media platforms, possibly you won’t get the right answer because each app is designed for different purposes; if we talk about TikTok, it is designed for short video creating purposes. Still, now it is one of the biggest platforms for content creators.  

With the help of these above-listed TikTok stats, you can easily understand the new social media happenings across the world. Hopefully, now you have cleared why it is high time to pay serious attention to TikTok.

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