8 Powerful Reasons Your Business Needs To Use YouTube Video Marketing

Using the YouTube platform for promoting your business isn’t anything new. In 2021, more than 80 percent uses YouTube videos for promoting their business, brand, product & services on the digital platform. On the contrary, it has been confirmed that YouTube Marketing will be highly in demand in upcoming years.  

No doubt, YouTube marketing is an excellent way of promoting a business on the online platform, still, many businesses, especially small or startup businesses, are unsure about investing in YouTube marketing. You might have doubts, “Is it really worth considering YouTube marketing services for promoting business?” Well, the answer is crystal clear “yes”, definitely it is a worth it investment. We are saying it not because everyone is using it, but because YouTube is the most versatile and profitable platform for promoting any business. Here we bring to you 8 powerful reasons your business needs to use YouTube marketing.

Why does Your Business need To Use YouTube Video Marketing?

Youtube video marketing

In the current marketing scenario, YouTube video is a most versatile media format that delivers information to the audience and attracts the attention of the audience, and converts them into your consumers.  

Here we have mentioned 8 massive benefits of YouTube marketing for your business that help you understand how YouTube marketing promotes your business.

1. Catch Audience Attention

According to a study, it has been found that video content grabs more attention as compared to text and image. Either you can create your business YouTube videos on your own or hire a  professional video production company. But, make sure your videos must have quality content. Nothing could be better than YouTube; it is a second search engine that users highly use.

Daily, millions of users visit this platform for viewing video content. If you want to grab audience attention through posting video content about your business products and services, you can easily catch the audience’s attention.

YouTube catch audience attention - YouTube video marketingWe can’t ignore the fact video content is an excellent way of catching attention. More than 60 % of businesses marketers prefer video content promoting their business because the human brain is hardwired to respond more to visual cues. That’s why YouTube Marketing is the perfect way of catching the audience’s attention.

2. YouTube User’s Base is Massive

As we told above, YouTube is the largest platform for sharing video content. We can estimate the popularity of YouTube by visualizing that a massive user base visits it in a day. According to stats, 2 billion users visit YouTube in a month.

Massive Youtube user base - youTube video marketingTake a look of YouTube’s demographic data out of 2 billion monthly users;

· 18 to 24 age : 11%

· 25 to 34 age : 23%

· 35 to 44 age : 26%

· 45 to 54 age : 16%

· 55 to 64 age : 8%

· 65 and above : 3%

· Undetermined : 14%

Through visualizing this demographic data, you can identify your targeted audience. As per the targeted strategy, your YouTube marketing agency effectively represents the unique content to target the ideal audience and easily reach massive users’ content.

3. Boost SEO

YouTube Marketing promotes your video content and helps boost your search engine optimization efforts and rank higher your business videos on the search engine result page. Luckily, the Google search engine provides you universal search results such as; text, images, videos, books, news, and local searches.

SEO - Benefits of YouTube video marketing

If you search for something in the Google search box, you often see videos on top of the search result page. Google gives priority to YouTube video content in SERP because of the native transition between the two sites.

As per stats, the search result that shows on top gets 33 percent more traffic, so you can take advantage of it through publishing high-quality video content on your YouTube business channel.  

4. To Build Trust

Trust is the crucial element of conversion and sale in every type of business, and the whole concept of marketing relies upon trust and creating long-term relationships. Video plays an influential role in igniting emotion and engaging the audience. If you are surely going to invest in your business’s marketing, you must be serious about videos content too.

build trustMany consumers fear being cheated and fraud while purchasing something over the internet. But, if your business has compelling videos that represent your business in a conversational form, as a result, it will build trust in the audience, and increase confidence to purchase their items online.

5. Appeal to Mobile Users

For mobile users, video is the high appealing content; as per stats, 90% of users love to watch videos on mobile than desktop. Since 2013 mobile users have been continuously growing, and mobile video consumption rises to 100% every year. As soon as the numbers of smartphone users are growing, the video audience is getting more significant day by day.

Youtube for mobile users

For mobile users, YouTube is the most appealing application; people love to watch videos on YouTube on their mobile phones. The growth of mobile videos indicates that your brands need to be more sensitive in delivering video content, so they need a solid and effective YouTube marketing strategy and YouTube growth tips.  

6. Strengths Your Sales Pitch

Every business needs a strong sales pitch to sell its products and services. Sailing something is not an easy task; to sell something, you need to create a strong value proposition. As per some stats, it has been revealed that visitors like content that they found more realistic to their expectations. Visitors only 28% of text content on a webpage, but if you convey the same information through video content, it strengthens your sailing pitch.

increase salesYouTube Marketing Company helps your business build a strong sales pitch by creating more information and representative video content. If viewers find your videos informative and trustworthy, they will make their minds to purchase your products and services. So, that is how you can increase your sales with the help of  YouTube growth services.

7. Explain Everything

If you are going to launch new products and services, you can create explainer videos to show your consumers how they work. More than 98% of users prefer to watch the explainer video to learn more about a specific product, services, brands, and working process.  

Explain everything about your businessYouTube video is one of the most effective ways to explain a complex concept; you can use animation text to make your videos more attractive and give life to your video content. Animation videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, information, and simplicity. Through videos, you can explain everything about your business to the audience and turn them into your consumers.

8. Encourage Social Share

The most important thing about YouTube marketing is; the video content that you post on YouTube is not limited to this platform; also it encourages social sharing. Because if the audience loves your content, they will share your content on another social platform.

social media share

As you know, social media platforms are a significant source of the audience, through sharing your videos on social media, you get more reach on your videos. Overall, we want to say that you will get more exposure to your business brand and services by sharing your content over social media. More exposure means more chances of engagement and conversion.


YouTube Marketing is one of the most effective to take your business to the next level, it provides exposure to your business and boosts the presence of your business on a local, national and international level. If you are wandering to get an answer of, “why do your business require YouTube video marketing?” all the above-listed points are the precise answer to this question.

If you have made your mind about running a YouTube marketing campaign to grow your business, you must contact a YouTube marketing & YouTube growth service.

Social Hackettes is the best organic YouTube marketing & growth service provider that helps build your business’s strong presence on the world’s biggest video sharing platform.

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