How to Choose an Instagram Marketing Agency in 2020

How to Choose an Instagram Marketing Agency in 2020

Instagram is, by far, one of the most popular social media platforms and, as such, is useful for marketing your business. Implementing Instagram marketing in your advertising stream will guarantee you results as some numerous tools and features will help you to reach out to your target audience. Through this process, you get to connect with your network (current customers and potential customers) to bring awareness to your brand and offer attractive ways of providing your goods and services to them. There are numerous reasons to choose Instagram marketing for your business, some of which include:

1. #1 Rated Visual Marketing Platform – Instagram is by far the most physically-inclined social platform that will be able to advertise your brand in numerous graphical and attractive formats. 

2. Target Billions of Users – Instagram has billions of users, and as such, you have the potential of advertising your brand and business to a broad target audience. In addition to having lots of users on the platform, it also features active users so your brand will reach the eyes of many. 

3. Remarketing – Instagram allows you to reach out to customers who have been connecting with your business through your website or mobile app. Remarketing allows for targeted advertising, which means your ads will be positioned at places your target audience will be able to view. 

4. Attract Targeted Audience – Marketing on Instagram allows you to advertise in a targeted form, which means you will be connected with your target audience efficiently. 

5. Partner with influencers – Influencers are one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience and having conversions. These influencers will help to publicize your business and connect you with potential paying customers and clients.

How to Choose an Instagram Marketing Company

Choosing an Instagram Marketing Company could be an easy task, but before you do, there are specific tips you must consider. When searching for a competent company to market your business on Instagram, you have to be mindful of the mechanisms they use in advertising, the likely results, and the investment needed. Bear in mind, ROI is an important factor when advertising online, and assessing the Instagram marketing services they offer is vital. When looking for a marketing agency, here are a few guidelines to help you.

Determine Your Goals

Before you go ahead and employ the services of a marketing company, you have to first determine what you need in terms of the results you are looking for. You know your brand or business and what you are seeking to achieve. Ensure the company has the tools and features in place to help you achieve these. Importantly, you must first set realistic goals as failure to do so will have you running from company to company. Are you looking only to bring awareness to your brand? Are you seeking to increase your target audience? Are you looking to increase sales for your business? These questions will help you to determine the goals you need to accomplish through advertising.

How does the agency run its Instagram Profile?

What are the processes implemented by the advertising agency as it relates to operating its Instagram Profile? Your profile is the first place your target audience will review, and as such, it should have all the necessary details to keep them intrigued. Not all marketing strategies work for every industry, and you need to understand this for yourself as well – a little research can help you. Once you have an idea, you will be able to determine whether or not the operations they utilize are effective in guaranteeing the results you need.

Do they have an Organic Instagram marketing experience or paid?

First off, does the company offer organic growth for your Instagram profile, or do they use paid tactics? Organic marketing somehow has a more positive result for your brand as it compares to paid marketing. How? Organic means your target audience is genuinely attracted to your brand over some time. On the flip side, paid marketing involves advertising through targeted posts based on users’ previous interactions with your brand. You need to know what approach is best for your business and understand the way forward. Many businesses have agreed that organic marketing has a better turnover in terms of ROI.

Ask for Previous Clients Success Stories 

Asking for testimonials is a tricky idea, yet it is important as it will help you understand whether the company is efficient in providing results. However, when requesting previous client success stories while working with that marketing agency, ensure they provide legitimate proof as support. A lot of companies and agencies online that offer services like these tend to pay for fake testimonials to lure customers their way. One of the ways you can verify is to assess the company or brand they claim to have worked with. There are multiple ways to determine which stories are true, as you can also ask the company the approach they used with each testimonial.

Pose the Right Questions

Ask questions, no matter how simple the question may seem. Bear in mind you are paying for a service and want to receive the best results. Your questioning will help you to understand their approach to marketing your business the right way. If you ask us, we will say no question is wrong, but it is how they are asked. Posing them in a format that gives you a direct answer will help you to make the right decision when choosing an Instagram Marketing Agency.


You can also seek recommendations when planning to choose a company to advertise your brand. You can request recommendations from friends or colleagues who may have utilized the services of a company before, or you can seek professional help in choosing the right company. Also, researching online is a good option as you may come in contact with persons who have worked with a good company before that you can employ. Know someone with a similar business as yours? You could even ask them based on the success stories they present about the company they use.

Read Online or Third-Party Reviews about the Agency

Online reviews often come with proof, and this can help you to get the results you are looking for. You can conduct online research about the company and, in the process, read a few comments and reviews from persons who may have used their services. There are lots of review sites across the internet you can access, and they often have answers to critical questions you may have.

Negotiate the prices

ROI is important, so paying too much with no guaranteed results is rather senseless. Coupled with the proof of quality services and more can help you determine if the price is right. You can also consider negotiating until you have received results before pledging a huge investment. Most trusted companies have flexible packages as the satisfaction of their clients is more important compared to earnings. 


Still not sure if you can find the right Instagram Marketing Company? Well, let the team at Social Hackettes prove to you that their Instagram marketing tactics will grant you the results you are looking for. They are a team that is ready and willing to prove to you that they can help you achieve the goals you have for your company as it relates to online marketing. Social Hackettes Instagram Marketing Company is a team of specialists with years of experience in helping you grow your brand to new levels, no matter the industry.

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