Benefits of using Pinterest for your E-commerce Business

Benefits of using Pinterest for your E-commerce Business

Running a business and having an online presence great way to reach and grow your fanbase. Your online presence is more about gaining organic traffic because it will help your website rank higher in the search engines. Pinterest is one of those social forums or platforms that allows you to introduce your business to the general public and in return reap the many benefits it comes with.

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly users – real/organic users – that your business can benefit from every month. As an e-commerce business owner, we know it can be challenging to reach customers on a consistent basis.

Pinterest caters to all businesses and/or industry

No matter the industry your business falls under, it can benefit from the tremendous traffic that Pinterest has to offer. Whether your business relates to food & drink, craft, fashion, or beauty, Pinterest has features that will assist you in boosting your presence to reach your target audience.

A large percentage of millennials between the age group 25-55, based on a research, have shown major interest in the platform. With this trend, it is more than critical for any business to want to invest the time in a marketing strategy on this platform. But is it really worth it? And how does one go about reaping the benefits it has to offer?

Tips to improve your Pinterest Presence

Keywords are an important part of your online presence as it generally helps you in reaching out to your target audience more effectively. It also helps you to rank better in searches especially on Google and other popular search engines. When using Pinterest, it basically works like any other platform where you must include the most relevant keywords to be found by searchers. Whether you are adding a photo or creating a board, you need to add a specialized keyword in the description of your posts. Business specialists who have been in the online marketing world have noted this is a key factor to being successful. For example, if you are selling specialized beauty products, simply adding “beauty” as a tag will help but not as effective. Adding the name of the product itself works better as when persons are searching, they directly note what they want.

They also note that placing quality emphasis on specialized keywords will better help you to attract the right audience and those who will initially become leads to long-term customers. It sets a great foundation for yourself and your business in the right direction.

Pinterest’s Benefits as a Growth Strategy

With the popular reach that Pinterest has, you can be guaranteed that once it is part of your growth strategy, it will benefit you. We have outlined below a few proven ways that using Pinterest can benefit you.

Creating Boards that are aligned with your business

Pinterest users are known for creating boards which is an organized format to having all they need in one place. These boards are basically in a virtual format that has all you have added to the platform (or based on a particular product). While you create boards on your account and add similar content to it, you can appeal to your followers and the general viewing audience that you know how to organize yourself and knows exactly what you are doing. These boards are also a better way to manage your posts and to advertise multiple selections with one click. This will enable your followers to also share your content much easier to other networks including other social platforms, their websites, and blogs or through other sharing medium. Another important factor when creating boards is to make sure you make it attractive that people will want to connect to it. You can make it professional while still adding a touch of flair and friendly feeling to it to keep your followers amazed.

For additional benefits with using Pinterest boards, you can also:

Join similar content groups.

Most times as an individual poster on the platform, it can be a little stressing to get lots of followers on your own especially if you don’t know how to effectively use the platform. To increase the interaction on your boards, you can join groups that have similar business or posts like yours to advertise and expand your reach. This is a great way to get more views to your boards and eventually more long-term followers at the end of the day. The process would be to join the groups and once accepted, you can share your boards based on the groups’ requirement(s) (which may just include sharing relevant content).

Analyze the best times to Post

Like every other social platform on the internet, there is a set time that each have an influx of viewers (though on Pinterest, your boards are stationed). With this, you can know when to post your pins in order to reach more viewers and potential clients. With the pins that you post, you can use geo-targeting to know at times your posts get more interaction, where most of your followers are from as well as what type of content, they are most interested in. You can use this information to also effectively format the way you create and make your pins public. When you do this, it will allow you to reach your buying customers right on time.

Put all details in one without forcing on your viewers

In this day and age, everyone wants access to flexibility and convenience especially when it relates to the online world. They want to be able to access everything they need without having to access too many places. However, you must ensure you don’t “overcrowd” your pins and make it unattractive. Seeing it is a business you are offering and possibly selling, allowing your customers or clients to see your price tag for a product as they view, is good. This will enable them to do multiple features while on a single post like buying your services and more. This will reach your audience more quickly and create more flexibility, a tactic that really interests the serving audience.

Over the years, Pinterest has grown from been only an advertising channel to a great marketplace for businesses who are selling online. Pinterest is a great product advertising channel and always attracts persons seeking services to purchase as they get all products advertised before their eyes on a single platform.

Open Platform to advertise

Pinterest really does not limit the products and services you can list on the platform other than those denied elsewhere (dangerous products or those that will generally offend a general or select audience). Are you new to the online selling business and seeking a way to “sell” your products to the world? Then Pinterest could be the route you need to take. It has so many features that will help you to reach a wide audience and effectively market your goods. Based on research also, it shows that certain products practically do well on the platform such as DIY, handcrafts and beauty and other similar business types.

Connect Pinterest to your website

Do you operate a website and feel the need to benefit from interest the same? Well, that is easy! You can add the Pinterest button to your website and allow your visitors to do the sharing and pinning for you. Most times, people have boards on the platform and add other people’s pins to grow their audience as well. When they share your content on their boards, they are opening a channel for you to reach more people that you never thought possible. Your website visitors will basically be a growth tool for you in terms of doing a bulk of the sharing and advertising work for you. Your ideas on the social platform shared through your website viewers will be seen as a third-party endorsement for you without having to pay for that additional service. Simply get the codes from Pinterest that you will embed in your website’s designing.

Pinterest is really not a hard or complicated platform to use and once initiated correctly, there is so much you and your business can gain from it. It has guided steps and features that allow for even new users to feel comfortable in joining and doing their business efficiently. It is really cost effective as noted by many business and e-commerce vendors who use the platform and with this, you can reap more profits at the end of the day. If you are not using the platform, then you may need to join the league of those who are already benefitting from its use. It is a unique and quality growth strategy for practically every business.


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